Back to School Printable

Back to school is either in full swing for you and just getting started! I love to send little notes on my kids napkins in their lunch but this year we are kicking it up a notch! 

Kiki Creates has GO Notes for kids! An awesome (yes I just said awesome) and cute printable in a few different colorways that say just want you want to say! 

I popped 1 into my kids lunches today and I WISH I could see their faces when they find them

And you can use them in other ways too! Here's a suggestion from Kiki Creates...

And just so my hubby didn't get left out today, here's a suggestion from me...
(he will get a good laugh out of it! I did!!! LOL)

So hop over to the Kiki Creates Shop and snatch some of these up! You will love them!  
(and tell Kiki I sent ya!)

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  1. Awesome (especially the hot wife note, too funny)!

  2. These are just too cute! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the one you gave to your husband!

  4. These are so cute.. I am inspired :)