Crafting with Q-tips – snowflakes + giveaway

Q-tips sent me a package of their products and asked me share a way to use Q-tips! Well I got crafty with kids and we created SNOWFLAKES! 

These are great strung on a garland, hung by the window or even on their own personal Christmas tree! 
**GUESS WHAT! Q-tips wants to send you the same package so you can try this project or use them however you’d like to! (see below for the giveaway details)**
Here’s how you make them
Hot Glue Gun
Regular white glue (optional)
White paper/card stock
spray adhesive
Epsom salt
iridescent glitter
Step 1: Start by cutting various shapes from the white paper or card stock. Think small circles (like a hole punched size) squares, V’s, long rectangles, etc. These will create the different looks on the snowflakes. 

Step 2: Using 3 Q-tips stack them criss cross creating a snowflake look. Hot glue in between the layers of Q-tips in the middle. Let the glue set, dry and harden. 

Step 3: Using hot glue or white glue add the paper details gluing them onto the stick part of the Q-tips. 

Step 4: Spray both side of the snowflakes with a spray adhesive. In a shallow bowl (disposable pie tins work great) pour some of the Epsom salt and the glitter. While the snowflakes are still tacky with the spray adhesive sprinkle the salt/glitter mixture over both sides. Set aside to dry. 

I love how the Epsom salt give them an “icy” look! And it doesn’t matter if you got a little messy with the glue. It gets covered up!

Attached a piece of fishing line, ribbon, etc in a loop to the back and hang! My kids love to have Snowflakes hung from their ceiling and to watch them twirl and shimmer.
Q-tips will send you a travel-size package of both Q-tips® cotton swabs and Q-tips® Precision Tips along with a $25 gift card (to purchase additional items you need)
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Good luck! 
Winner will be announced on Monday Dec. 4th – hurry! hurry!

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