DIY stilts- Someday Crafts

Hi! I'm Michelle from Someday Crafts. As a working mom of 2 young children, I highlight great ideas I see around blogland that I want to do when I get the time.....SOMEDAY! I hope you come over and see my blog! You will find some projects that you want to do someday also.
Today, I am showing how to make some
EASY, INEXPENSIVE and QUICK food can stilts!

After I get home from work, the kids and I play for hours. They are so much fun! These stilts (or rompers, as they were called when I was younger) are one of their favorite activities. It builds great coordination and forces the kids to work on their balance.

-Two emptied cans of food (28oz or larger)
-Two pieces of rope or heavy duty string, each at least 1 yard long
-A sharp object that can puncture metal, i.e. screwdriver, knife
-Spray paint (optional)

1. Empty two large cans of foods. These are 29oz. fruits. If you use smaller cans, they will be less sturdy. Wash the cans out!

2. Peel the labels from the cans and gather your spray paint. I got this Krylon outdoor spray paint at the dollar store! SCORE!!! (Those are my cute kiddos!!!)

3. If you are brave, let your kids spray paint the outside of the cans. Let the paint dry. (My kids like to help with everything I do. That's why I don't get much done!!!)

4. Using a sharp object, punch two holes through the can on opposites sides. I used some type of knife. The holes need to be near the top of the can where a lid still exists. I do NOT recommend letting your kids do this part!

5. The holes need to be large enough to fit your handle through. When I inserted the knife, I wiggles it back a forth a bit to make the hole wide enough.

6. Cut your handle material. I used something called mule rope (or at least that is what my husband told me it is called.) It is like a strong flat rope. I suggest a rope or heavy duty string. I would also suggest at least a yard or more of material. It depends on the height of the person for whom you are making it. The handle should come about half way between the knee and hips or whatever is comfortable. Insert your handle material through the holes from the outside to the inside.

7. When the handle material is inside the can, tie the ends in double knots. You can burn the ends of the rope if you want. You are finished!

Here is one pair of spray painted and one unspray painted cans. If you don't paint your cans, there is a chance the cans can rust. I have tied knots in the handles of one pair to make them easier for my younger/shorter son to use. That is an easy way to adapt the handles for smaller kids.

Walk. Walk. Walk. I did want to mention that the food cans can/will bend if they are stepped on sideways. I just bend them back into place the best I can and let the kids continue clanking around.

These were a hit at my kids' birthday party last year! (Kids under the age of 3 may have a hard time balancing on these. Use your judgement as to when kids are old enough to play with these.) The neighbors love to play with these toys.

Thanks for letting me share one of my kids' favorite activities. I hope to see you over at Someday Crafts.

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Summer in a Jar - Fingerprints on the Fridge

Hello friends! I'm so glad Megan invited me on over to hang out for the day!

 If you don't know me, my name is Rachelle and I write the lil' o blog Fingerprints on the Fridge.

These are my two silly girls who are really looking forward to summer fun. 

I wanted to share an idea that my family thought up to add a little spice to our life during the summer. Sure a list is fun but Summer in a Jar adds a little surprise to each day! Love it.

I started by getting a cookie jar, you can get them basically anywhere or even use a vase. I liked the size and style of the jar though, I got it at Wal-Mart for 6 bucks. Score!

Then comes the list, the list o' fun if you will. I asked for my kids ideas and some of my own and made a giant, colorful, some simple and some over the top rainbow list of things that we could do every day to make the whole summer special. Some are free and some cost a bit of money but you could make it however you wanted to make it work for your family. That's the beauty of the Summer of fun in a JAR.

Next I cut out all my strips of paper one by one, and folded them but not too tiny, I still want to see all the colors. :)

Then scramble them up and you can pick one out each morning and have a surprise added to your day on what to do! How freakin' fun is that? Some of my favorites are..

Coloring the whole sidewalk with chalk and making an outside gallery walk.
Riding our bikes to the Root Beer stand.
Going to the "big" zoo (Chicago's is closest to us. Love it there)
Using the baby pool and a hula hoop to make giant bubbles.
Coloring our hair, remember making kool-aid highlights when you were little? So fun.

Those are just a few, but the possibilities are ENDLESS.  

Make a lemonade stand, go to the beach, get out sprinklers, camp out side, camp in the living room, catch fire flies, make s'mores, spend the night at a hotel in town, go minature golfing, go to a water park, Fun stuff

Summer comes but once a year, let's make it F. U. N! I know for one my kids are going to be pumped to wake up every morning and pick out of the jar. And, if every day doesn't work for you how about just on Fridays? Or Weekends? Make it work for your family and add a little spice to your life

Feel free to stop by and say Hi!


Thanks again to Megan for having me, so much fun!

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What do you get when you combine....

 with a little girl who loves to create and craft, have a lemonade stand or bake sale every year? 

You get a mother who is trying to nurture and encourage her upcoming artist by harnessing her creativity and teaching her a little business sense along the way. Please join me in welcoming my daughters new business - BRASSY Blossom! A joint effort of a mother and daughter team to produce a new line of eBooks specifically  for young girls to create, learn a new skill and build up confidence.

These are perfect for Mother/daughter crafting time, slumber parties, Girl Scout groups, youth groups, play dates, birthday parties or any day!

If you have a girl that loves to create and has that entrepreneurial spirit, we hope you will enjoy these eBooks.

The first eBook has been released today! You can snag it from her site or from my shop as well! PLUS there is a special introductory price from NOW through May 30th! 
 more eBooks and ePatterns from her and ME coming very soon!

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Put me in the Zoo - Fireflies and Jellybeans

Hello Brassy Apple! I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to be here today with all of you lovelies! I adore Megan and all her crafty-ness! To say that is it a complete honor is not even touching the surface!

Let me introduce myself!

I am Fawnda and you can find me at Fireflies and Jellybeans!  I am a thirty-something mom of two{ 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter}!  My Husband is my best friend and biggest supporter {I am every lucky}!

We have all sorts of fun over at Fireflies and Jellybeans! I share crafty tutorials with you, we have the Iron Crafter Competition and a fun Show Off Your Stuff linky party on Thursdays.

I am also so excited to be part of the Save Our Summer series! I need as much help as I can get with my two Little ones... I am also happy to share one idea with all of you too!

Put Me in the Zoo Activity day!

Lets face it... most days I feel like I live at a zoo with all the wild craziness that is my life! I decided to embrace it and make a whole day of fun activities for us all! 

And as any good theme day we need t-shirts!

Here is a quick run down of  how I made the shirts... I used my Silhouette SD (who I loving call, Skyla) to help make these... however you do not need one to make your own. 

Sealed with a Kiss Shirt:

1. Cut out a seal applique, and sew it on

2. Add your "Sealed with a Kiss" lettering (I used Iron on vinyl from Silhouette but you could freezer paper stencil the words on too! )

3. Add your "XOXO" rhinestones (also from Silhouette)

1. Cut out felt shapes-

1 circle for face

several bigger strips (about 3/4 inch wide)

several smaller strips (about 1/8 inch wide) some long some short.

2. Pin your wider strips to your circle and sew in place.

3. Pin your smaller strips in place (random with the short and long) and sew.

4. Hand sew the face.  I used 2 buttons for eyes and a triangle piece of fleece for the nose.

5. Pin in place on your t-shirt.  I sewed around the face and then also out side the circle a couple inches to keep the mane attached to the shirt.

6. Add your lettering (I used iron one vinyl from Silhouette but you could a freezer paper stencil)

Put Me in the Zoo Activities:

Here are some fun books to read that we love and have to do with zoos and animals!

Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do you Hear?

Put me in the zoo

Goodnight Gorilla

I wish that I had Duck Feet

Animal Follow the Leader:

The leader picks and animal to mimic and everyone follows along.

Take several turns being the leader.

What do you hear?

This is a great activity to go along with Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you hear?

You start out saying "Mommy, Mommy what do you hear?  I hear a {pick your animal here) in my ear"  then all make the animal noses... then move on to your kids "Johnny, Johnny- what do you hear?"  then have them pick an animal and say the rest of the rhyme.  You can do several rounds until you make LOTS and LOTS of animal noses!

Make your Own Zoo:

We had a rainy day so instead of going to a zoo, we made our own!

I was quite surprised at how many stuffed animals we had... we had a FULL Zoo!

I had the kids help me set it all up.  It was a great sorting activity!  Once I had some groups established,  I would pull out an animal and ask "Where do you think this should go?"  The kids LOVED making the zoo... almost more then playing with it!  If you have older kids have them make signs for the zoo. 

Here is a tour of our zoo:

Tigers Exhibit

Elephant Habitat  Our Elephant has a baby!

Giraffe and Zebra exhibit

Wolf/Dog Exhibit - we had some rare species of wolf- pink, purple and green... not what you see an just any zoo!

Penguins (with a baby!)

Petting Farm zoo

Aquatic animals

Monkey playground

Our zoo also has a very special exhibit! 

The Monsters exhibit! 

Of course here are the WILDEST animals of ALL! 

I made them pay $$ to enter the zoo... and they had to wait in line for the zoo to open.  We had a friend over what I watch once a week... she added the phone as a prop.  My son HAD to have a wallet to keep his money in!  My youngest is trying to sneak in early!

I also had them bring a camera to take pictures of the animals!

In the second picture my son is looking at the picture he just took and saying "Ohhhhhh, Cuuuuuute!"


Here is our zoo themed lunch.  I used turkey lunch meat for the face, cheese stick for the mane, blueberries for the eys and a strawberry for the nose.  Easy and very kid friendly!

We love Put Me in the Zoo Day!!

Thanks for letting me share today!  We had so much FUN! 

Stop by for more fun ideas!!

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Personalized Totes for kids - Truly Lovely

Hello all you LOVELY Brassy Apple readers!!!
My name is Kassi and I am THRILLED to be sharing my Summer Fun idea here with you all!
I, along with my sister, Kayli, blog over at Truly Lovely!

We blog about all things we consider to be lovely including crafts, recipes, personal stories, you name it!
Right now I am in the midst of planning my summer wedding, so what better kiddo craft then something for my flower girls! This is one that you can do together with the kiddos and it doesn't cost much!!
It's directed more towards little girls of course, but you could tailor it to boys by changing a few things...
Watch for my Kid Friendly Tips along the way! :)

Cute Little Personalized Totes!


The items needed for this kid friendly craft are:

Little totes (I got mine at Hobby Lobby $2.99 for a packet of four)
Fabric Paint
Small paint brush
Name stencil
Iron on decals
Old newspaper
Large paper plate


First, be sure to lay newspaper down on your table or other work surface!
When working with kiddos and paint, covering everything that might get painted is a must!!
Lay out your totes on the newspaper.


I used my hand dandy Silhouette SD to cut out the girls' names in vinyl.
The Kristen font is a great one for a girlie but fun touch!
If your making a toy bag for a boy, Bradley is a more "manly" font for your little man!

Vinyl, makes a PERFECT stencil!
It's already sticky on the back, so peel away the backing, smooth your stencil over your little tote and your ready to paint.
Make sure if you have any a's, o's, or other letters with holes in the middle, that you peel the little circle cutouts and stick those in the center of your letters as well. More on this in a minute.


Kid Friendly Tip:
You could cut out your stencil a little larger so it's easier for the kiddos to stay inside the "lines" when they're painting.

Next, choose your paint color, then squirt some fabric paint onto the large paper plate.


Kid Friendly Tip:
Large paper plates are great for corralling different colors of paint and keeping it from seeping through thin newspaper onto your table. They also make a good spot for mixing paint colors!


Now, use the small paint brush to fill in the stencil on your tote.
Since I used white paint on dark colored totes, I painted on several coats, allowing for some drying time in between.
Once you've painted all of the names, allow to dry for a few hours so the paint will set well.

Kid Friendly Tip:
This a great time to grab a snack, or head outside to play for awhile!

Once the paint has dried help your kiddo peel the stencil off the tote.


Remember I mentioned earlier making sure you stuck the centers of your a's, o's and other letters with holes onto your tote? Well, here's why...
If you stick those on, you can paint right over the top of those, like here on Taylor's tote:


Then when you peel them off, your letters have holes in the middle instead of a completely painted in blob for those letters.
And that makes them look nicer! :)


Once you've finished your painting and removed your stencils, it's time to fancy up your totes!
A SUPER easy and inexpensive way is with iron on decals.
The flower ones I used came from Wal-Mart for a few dollars a packet.

Follow the directions for ironing your decals on.
Mine included placing a cotton towel over the top, then iron to tack.
Turn the fabric inside out and iron to adhere.


Here you can see, I used a tiny little craft iron.
It was perfect for this craft because it was small enough to stick inside the tote without the need for turning it inside out!
Be sure to help your children with the ironing part!!!
A hot iron is not exactly kid friendly!


A cute little personalized tote for your little lady to carry around this summer!!!

Thanks to Megan for having me over at the Brassy Apple!! It was a pleasure!!!
We would be thrilled if you would pop over to Truly Lovely sometime and say hello!!
Happy crafting friends!

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