My Girlfriends Quilt Shop

I stopped into Kris's new fabric shop this weekend! My Girlfriends quilt Shop is DARLING!!!!

Talk about fabric envy! How fun would it be to be surrounded by all those colors, patterns, inspiration and people that love it as much as you do! Kuddos to Kris for going for it! 

It was fun to see some of my patterns hanging up around the shop. (here's a picture of me being a dork!) Ok - moving along.....

I was actually able to SHOP because of the great kids area they have set up! My kids were pleased as punch to play and hang out while I chatted, got a tour and picked out some fabric. 

Even Kris's hubby Mike was in the on fabric action! He cut my fabric yardage for me :) 

and I snagged a photo with Kris too before leaving! We sat on the couch because I am Miss Gi-normica and Kris felt that she looked like a shorty in the first pictures we took. 

Her online store isn't up and running yet but it will be! She has a great selection but if you are local they are offering GREAT classes and designer meet ups too!

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What have you been up to this Summer? Have you been traveling.......have you been relaxing......have you been running around crazy keeping the kids entertained? 

Maybe you read a great book, maybe you went to the beach or maybe you braved a swimsuit and went for a dip!
July's theme for photos on my I AM MORE blog is all of this - SUMMERTIME! Share 1 snapshot from 1 moment this summer and submit it to be featured! 

We'd all love to see what summertime looks like in your neck of the woods! 

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New Family Art wall

Here's a quick project that recently was completed (yeah!). 
I've been wanting to add a place in the family room to showcase my kids artwork that would still look nice when there was not any artwork to be displayed. 
This was my solution. 

I took 4 metal Wizard of OZ signs I had picked up on clearance for under $1.00 (had this project in mind. It just took me about 9 months to actually get around to doing it! ha!) and a metal board I thrifted for $4.00. And yes I bought the metal board just as you see it. Painters tape and all!

A little fabric and some Mod Podge to cover the Wizard of OZ design and make it match my family room.....

Then I painted the frame of the metal board and hung it all together! 

It's a colorful display even without any artwork! Now I get to create some more magnets so we can hang up some family works of ART! :)

Are you going to be crafting up anything this weekend?

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Sequin Top - tutorial

 One of my FAVORITE things to do is refashion! Here's a project anyone can do!

Sequin Top

Tank top or any top
Liquid Stitch
Roll of single strand sequins - any color you like

Step 1: Place cardboard in between the layers of the top. This will keep the glue from seeping through to the other side.

Step 2: Use your Liquid Stitch to draw a design. I chose an abstract flower. You could do any type of squiggley lines, a chevron pattern, stripes, etc. Work in "small" areas at a time.

Step 3: Apply the sequins and press into the glue.

Step 4: Vary the sizes and placement of your design.

Step 5: Let dry according to the package directions and then WEAR!

Layer it, wear it, pair it with another color! It will add some sparkle to your everyday wear and dress up that plain colored top!

If you create one, I'd love to have you share it in the Brassy Apple Flickr group for everyone to see! 

I will be linking up HERE throughout the week! 

Sweet Tea Serendipity Fabulousity Fridays

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Throw a summer dance party!

This was the funnest way to kick off summer with the neighborhood! 


We had the idea and 6 days later we were dancing it up in the backyard! It's easy to put together and "run the event" because the kids make their own fun! And it's ALL kids - no parents (well except for me and my hubby) so the kids really enjoyed their freedom - aka - raiding the treat table without restrictions! ha ha ha!!

Invitations can set the tone for the party or event and give a peek into the theme. We just wanted it to be colorful and fun! I whipped up these invites and sent them to the 1 hour photo. Yup! We handed out "photos" for our invites. Easy, quick and not expensive at all!

 (did you catch that I inserted my kids faces into Gabriella's and Troy's? fun! fun!)

Keeping it colorful and fun my daughter thought tissue paper pom poms in a rainbow of colors would be really fun hanging over the patio. We added crepe paper and some balloon in all colors too! Easy, inexpensive and quick! 

We even hung a "disco ball" over the dance floor. 

We welcomed the dance party guests through the side gate!

I covered an outdoor meter and a pipe by draping 2 metallic door covers side by side as a "backdrop" for the treats table!

In keeping with the rainbow theme we bought treats that were colorful!

This was a very popular spot all evening!!!

Let's get to the dancing!!!! The DJ table had a small stereo with all the CD's laid out. That way the kids could make requests of what they wanted to hear next. Among just the regular dance songs we did a JUST BOYS dance, JUST GIRLS dance and A BOY/GIRL dance.

Of course we had some of the oldies but goodies in there too like YMCA, Ghostbusters, the Chicken Dance and yes the Macarena - ha ha ha!

We had some air microphones, air guitars and even a little break dancing too!

This was a great way to have fun with little expense and it made a big impact! It's definitely a new Summer Tradition at our house!

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Hit or Miss?

I love moss. I have seen several projects over the years using moss and even a few home decor items in movies that I would love to have in my home! LOL

So earlier this year when I saw this at a thrift store I grabbed it! 

It's large, it was cheap and I knew it would become a moss planter for me! 
Fast forward a few (ahem) months later when I finally got around to creating the project. From a regular, orange, plastic planter....to this! 

My family just looks at it strangely. LOL. Everyone I have showed it to really doesn't care for it. 

WHAT???? Is it just me? Is it just one of those things that only I like? did I really "miss" and I just can't see it? help me out here! :) I guess it's all a matter of personal taste right?

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