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The Brassy Apple shop has been closed for a week while I head out of town, to another state and enjoy this.....

I will be visiting family and attending a reunion. BUT - don't think the blog is taking a break! NO SIR! 
August 1st kicks off my Back to "Cool" Series featuring a tutorial/idea each day to get ready for back to school - DIY style! 
A new guest each day will share their idea from sewing up something to wear, creating a teacher gift, getting organized and MUCH, much MORE! 

ALSO - I have slipped some giveaways in there too! (squeal) Really excited to debut those. 
SO - don't miss a DAY!
xo - Megan

August 1st also kicks off the new theme on my I AM MORE photo blog. August is all about 31 days of a photo challenge! See photos I have snapped through my camera lens with a new theme each day. You can also submit yours to be featured too!

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Angry Birds DIY set up

If your kids love angry birds like mine do - this is sure to be a winner! Have the game come to LIFE with a few simple supplies.

Small round-ish rocks (however many you want to paint for birds and pigs)
Paint (We used black, red, white, light blue, yellow and green)
assorted blocks
slingshot ($1 store water toy launcher)

Cover your work surface to protect it. I divided up the rocks and colors and let my boys paint them up. 

When they were dry I added the face details with a tiny bit of paint and a black marker

Head OUTSIDE to build a structure to knock down! I placed a lap board on the grass it give the structure and flat solid surface to sit on. Then I let my kids build it up with blocks and place the pigs inside. 

Use a slingshot to launch your angry birds into the air! REPEAT, repeat, REPEAT!!! lots of fun and a great way to entertain them outside in the summer.

I will be linking up my idea around the web this week! 

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Easy Map wall decor - tutorial

I love maps! I created this quick and easy wall decor using supplies I already had on hand! 

Map Wall Decor

Stretched canvas (I used 2)
Maps to cut up (I used an old Road Atlas - yard sale $1)
An extra or old Mat
Hot glue gun
clear tape

Step 1: Cut the burlap to leave about a 1" border on all sides so the canvas shows. 

Step 2: Glue the burlap to the canvas using a hot glue gun

You can pull the strings around the edges to have the burlap fray a bit.

Step 3: Create a template of the inside of the frame by tracing the shape on a scratch piece of paper. 

Cut out the template leaving a 1/4" - 1/2" border around it. Trace around the template onto the section of the map you would like to frame. Cut. (don't you love my Halloween candy corn pencil? HA!)

Turn your mat over and place the map piece on the backside wrong side up. Use clear tape to secure the map into place.

Step 4: Apply hot glue to the back of the mat and center it over the burlap and into place. You are DONE! 
We framed maps of the area we just moved from a year ago and also the area  in which we now live. 

I will be linking up here through out the week!

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Back to Cool series....coming August 1

Create it, refashion it, sew it and more! I put a call out a bit ago to feature YOUR back to school ideas and the time has almost come to showcase those! 

Starting August 1st for the entire month, I will be featuring tutorials to help you get organized, impress the teacher, dress in style and create a little something handmade and "haute"! 

Also look for some AMAZING giveaways - big, huge, and really fun!!!

So get to back to school and "back to cool" with Brassy Apple and guests! Don't miss it!

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Jewelry organization - how do you?

I LOVE to accessorize. I had a friend ask if I had a lot of accessories. I hesitated to think about it. She quickly replied, "Yes. you do." I guess it all depends on what "a lot" means to the individual who is asking. 

(via pinterest)

I have realized this week that I need a better way or bigger containers to organize my jewelry and scarves. I went through my scarves and pulled 2 that I don't wear anymore and only a few pieces of jewelry (I will be saving those for my annual Accessory Swap party in the Spring I think). I realized that I WEAR all the jewelry and accessories I have, which is good. I don't have an excess just sitting there taking up space. 

I do have a soft spot for chunky jewelry and anything in that limey green I love so much. But again, not an excess. So how you organize your accessories? I have out grown my organizers and will be "upgrading" soon.

Here's a few pretty pictures to taunt, tease and inspire you with their beauty, color and organization!

Love the burlap and the use of drawer pulls to hang the jewelry from
(via pinterest)

Very neatly organized and displayed.
(via pinterest)

Great option if you have the strip of wall for it. The photo said it was cutlery trays turned into organizers - BRILLANT! 
(via pinterest)

and who doesn't love a drawer that has been repurposed. Now to find one that thin....
(via pinterest)

A simple towel bar turned scarf organizer
(via pinterest)

And a ladder so beautifully displays that colors, textures and patterns of these great accessories (personally, I can't see a ladder fitting into my bedroom decor). But love this idea!
(via pinterest)

Happy accessorizing this weekend and maybe some organizing too!

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Share day! - fabric wall art

I love to peek into the Brassy Apple Flickr group and see YOUR photos of items YOU have created from my patterns, tutorials and ideas shared on my blog too! 

So I was extra surprised and pleased to walk into my husbands nieces bedroom and find fabric wall art! I snapped these photo to share with you! 

She created a tree that holds frames and photos.....

And pulled the flower designs from her bedding and replicated those on the wall....

She even got crafty, creative and stays organized with some burner covers to hold photos, notes, reminders, etc. Didn't she do a great job?! Love it!

You can always upload and share your photos here, or blog about them and send me the link or just email me directly! I love to see your spin on one of my Brassy Apple ideas!

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The Girl Next Door - new ePattern

I know this new Pattern got briefly mentioned earlier this week but I wanted to give it a "proper" introduction.
Newest ePattern for GIRLS - The Girl Next Door skirt

If you love options and versatility as much as I do, you will love this skirt too! It's REVERSIBLE with a different look/design on each side. Your little girl can wear it once, flip it over and wear a brand new skirt again!

Available in girl sizes 2 - 12. Creating matching ones for siblings. Perfect for church, special occasions/events or for the everyday! (like back to school!)

Plus created a matching Rosette Headband to match! I've included all the instruction in The Girl Next Door ePattern! 

 Why an ePattern? There is NO shipping charge, it's emailed directly to you usually faster than it can be shipped, you only print out the pages you need, they are green! (saves paper and printing), and I love creating them! 

She has so much fun with the photo shoot I thought I would share some of the outtakes! :)

I think she got tired of always smiling or pulling "cute" faces. A girls got to relax those cheeks somehow...

Oops! Weather doesn't always cooperate....
where did she go...??? :) 

 And the giggles. Pose, pose, turn, relax. Pose some more then I say something that is funny to her.

Hope you enjoy this new design!

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New Items!

Hot off the press! The Brassy Apple shop is coming alive again with new items!

My newest ePattern - The Girl next door skirt - is now available! It's reversible, it comes in a great range of sizes and design options! It's great for year round year!

Have a custom pair of Shaggy Mosaic CAPRIS created in this Urban Meadow collection of fabrics, colors and prints. Rich in color, yet soft and bold at the same time.

If you love to play with fabric scraps - my scrap bags have been restocked!

and last but certainly not least - BRAND NEW DIY kits! Create a bunchy scarf with the fabrics I use plus a coordinating flower brooch! The fabric is pre-cut for you with instructions included! Create these designs with some of the work done for you! 2 different color ways available!

More patterns, diy kits, customs and ready made products coming to the Shop soon!

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DIY Maxi Skirt

One of my favorite things to do is re-fashion! I love taking something I already have and making it better!
Maxi skirts are all the rage this season so I created one for my daughter with a few simple steps! You can make one too!

2 t-shirts similar in size (I used 2 medium sized shirts that were in the donate pile)
Scissors and/or rotary cutter, ruler and mat
Straight pins
Sewing machine
3/8" wide elastic

Step 1: Cut across the shirts right under the sleeves. Cut the bottom hem off of only 1 shirt. Set the extra pieces aside.

Step 2: Cut the remaining body pieces of the 2 shirts in half.

Step 3: Layout your design/pattern alternating the 2 shirts. Position the piece with the bottom hemline still attached at the very bottom.

Step 4:Take your top 2 pieces and turn the 2nd piece inside out. Place it inside out over the 1st top piece (1st photo) lining up the bottom edges (2nd photo). Pin the 2 layers together and sew (3rd photo).

The nice thing about knit is it stretches. If one of the pieces is a bit wider than another, simply pull it a bit to match up and pinning and sewing.

Step 5: Unfold the 2nd layer down when sewn. Repeat this process with the remaining 2 layers (place 3rd piece inside out over the 2nd piece, line up the bottom edges, pin and sew) ending with the piece that is still has the hemline attached.

Step 6: Fold under the top edge 1" to create a casing and sew closed leaving about a 2" opening.

Measure waist and subtract 1". Cut elastic. Thread it through the casing using a safety pin on the end.

Overlap the ends about 1/2" and sew. Then sew the casing opening closed and WEAR!!!

I will be linking up here at these fabulous parties!
Also, if you give this tutorial a try share a photo in the Flickr group!

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