Shop for Sharlie!

I just wanted to make my blog readers aware of this event going on!

Sharlie is a wife and mom.
She loves to read.
She loves to laugh.
She has an infectious smile.
And the best hugs on the planet.
Sharlie is also awaiting a double lung AND heart transplant.
She is an inspiration.
A fighter.
A miracle.
Jessica (one of Sharlie's best friends) and Mique reached out to the creative community to come up with a way to raise funds for her impending medical bills. They created a Shop for Sharlie- full of tutorials, printables, and advertising opportunities. Every single dollar raised will go straight to Sharlie's Angels. So shop 'til your heart is content. And in return it will help Sharlie get her new heart.

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Gift for the ART teacher

Having taken Art classes since I was a young child, I have a special place in my heart for Art Teachers. The classroom teachers get lots of back to school gifts, holiday and end of year gifts but what about the Art Teacher? She is assigned to ALL the classes and ALL the children in elementary school so I wanted to create a gift just for her!

Free ART saying printable - download here
art supplies
handy tote/container to put it in
misc ribbons, yards, trims, etc

Step 1: Our school website has a "wish list" for each teacher. Including the Art Teacher. We gathered the supplies from her wish list including items like - markers, colored pencils, erasers, pencils, gluesticks, etc. I think adding in a gift certificate to a local craft store would be great too!

Step 2: I found a nice sized tote to put the supplies in which could also come in handy for whatever she needs it for in her classroom. I also included a pencil holder to help keep her organized. 

Step 3: Print off the ART saying and frame or create a card with it. I had mine printed at a 1 hour place instead of using my computer and then made it into a card. 

Adding the finishing touches by taking several different pieces of trims, ribbon, yarn, etc and tying it around the tote. Add your card and surprise the ART teacher at your school! 

The Art teacher will LOVE you for it! 
I will be linking up HERE!

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Mom it Monday + GIVEAWAY!

Happy Monday!
I know Monday's aren't generally people's favorite day BUT I'd like to change that - a bit anyway. 
Besides my designs, patterns, tutorials, etc I tend to sneak in a bit about being a mom too. Sometimes to me it feels out of place so I haven't shared as many projects as I'd like. UNTIL now! 

Starting today, each Monday here on the Brassy Apple blog will be MOM IT MONDAY! 

I will share a kids craft idea, party idea, fun twist on family dinner, family activity, etc. Things that pertain to kids and family life. The weekends are always fun or full of activities but sometimes it's making it through the week that can be rough! (wink)

I hope that MOM it MONDAY will be a resource for you available at the beginning of the week for whenever you need it during the week!

QUESTION - would you like to have a LINK UP party added to MOM it Monday? It would be for just kid/family related projects, crafts, activities, parties, etc. (could be a "PIN-fest" each monday!)

GIVEAWAY!!! I've got a package full of goodies (instead of a tutorial to share) for 1 of my followers! I will send 1 lucky winner this package:

Popcorn fabric banner - Kara's party ideas
Earrings + black scarf - Mona Lisa Consignments
Cabochon Ring - PB & J handprints
I love you because print - Kiki Creates
3 month membership - Deals to Meals

BUT - this is for my BLOG followers! to be eligible you must follow my blog! If you don't yet - click the button on the right sidebar and join the fun! 

to enter:
1. must be a follower of my blog :) 
2. **Leave a comment telling me YES or NO to adding a link up party to MOM it Monday! **
3. Like my FB page - leave a separate comment HERE that you did

Have fun!!! and good luck! (be sure your email address is linked to your blogger ID so I contact you if you win!)

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I wish "shoe" would....

I wish "shoe" would take a few minutes this weekend and snap a photo of your shoes! 
October on the I AM blog is all about "standing a stand against cancer" - So why not in your favorite pair of shoes!?
Snap a photo and send it in! Each photo will help raise money for cancer research and will be donated to Stand Up 2 Cancer.org (remember - 1 only photo per person this month! You've got to encourage your friends to submit!) 
If you've caught the vision of the I AM blog and the special opportunity this month then grab a button for your sidebar - tweet about it, Facebook it or even BLOG about it!

Just copy and paste!

The more photos that get submitted the more money we can raise! 
make it a great weekend - xo megan

**There is still time to be part of this event as a SPONSOR and get promoted too!** email me ASAP

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Ruffled Wrist Cuff tutorial

Cotton fabric - 4 different strips
measuring tape
elastic thread
sewing machine
hand sewing needle
iron (optional)

Step 1 - Measure the circumference of your wrist. Add 2-3" for your length measurement. Cut a piece of fabric to be 4" wide with the length measurement you just figured out (mine was 4"x9"). 

Step 2 - Fold in half with right sides together, matching up the ends. Sew the ends together using an overlock stitch or your serger.You have now created a loop.

Step 3 - Fold the edges over 1/4" and then another 1/4". Press or pin to keep in place. Sew. Now the edges are finished with no raw edges. 

Step 4 - Hand wind an empty bobbin with the elastic thread. Place it into your sewing machine and thread the top needle with regular thread. Set your machine to it's longest stitch length. 

Step 5 - Place the sewing foot on the fabric loop lining up the edge of the foot with the hemline. Start sewing at the seam in the loop. 

Backstitch when you start. When you reach your starting point again backstitch, but don't cut your thread. Simply lift up your sewing foot and move the fabric over to line up the foot with the stitching line you just sewed.

Continue sewing around the entire loop, repeating the steps from above. The fabric will begin to gather and ruffle as more rows of stitches are added. 

(before steam)
Step 6 - Clip the extra threads and hit the fabric with a shot of HOT steam from an iron to make it bunch up even more (optional).

Step 7 - Take 3 strips of fabric (1 - 2" wide by 6 - 12" long) and roll them into rosettes. Use your needle and thread to secure the rosette as your turn and twist the fabric.You can even add buttons or other embellishments.

Step 8 - Handstitch the rosettes in a cluster onto the top of the cuff - and you are DONE! 

A great way to add color and texture to your outfit! Create them in another colorways for a different look!

I will be sharing this idea and linking up HERE!

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handmade dress up!

Andrea over at The Train to Crazy site is featuring handmade dress up tutorials! 

She kicked it off on Monday (the 19th) so be sure to check the previous posts! Sew up something fun for your kids, as a gift or if you are thinking ahead - maybe even Christmas!

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Sewing tutorials - get sewing!

September is National Sewing month! have you done much sewing? 
maybe these will get your inspired or simply add to your list of projects you'd like to get done! 

just a few "pins" I have added to my pinterest account

I can almost hear the "whiirrrrrr"of your sewing machine now! 

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Metallic stenciled bracelet

I received this leather bracelet/cuff and was told - "create something with it!" I loved the width of it and it's simplicity but noticed when I put it on it sort of blended with my skin color. I needed it to pop a bit more to make it worth wearing. So I set out to transform it! This project is super easy, simple and FAST! 
pre-made leather cuff/bracelet
Martha Stewart Stencil - cathedral lace
metallic Silver and Gold paints by plaid
Stencil brushes by Martha Stewart

Step 1: Picked a stencil from my lace stencil pack and placed it over my leather bracelet in a pattern that I liked.

Step 2: I stenciled the silver paint first leaving the round circle part of the stencils for the gold paint. 

Step 3: Stencil in the gold paint. Remove the stencil and let dry. 

This plain leather cuff when from bland to BAM! with some shimmer and interesting pattern! Now whether I want to wear gold or silver jewelry this will always coordinate!

I will be sharing my idea and linking up HERE!

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I AM....looking for YOU to help!

I am excited to announce Octobers theme on my I AM photo blog and the exciting way you can be involved!
Since October is breast cancer awareness month, I am giving YOU, my readers, a special opportunity to "take a stand" against cancer (all types). When we take a stand - why not do it in our favorite pair of shoes! 


Readers around the globe just like YOU will be submitting photos of their shoes - wearing them, tight shots, full body shots, just the shoes, etc.

Now - here's the REALLY exciting part! 
I am looking for sponsors to pledge a certain amount per photo that is posted in the month of October (see level options below). I will be limiting the number of sponsors accepted for better exposure.  

Sponsors will receive advertising on the I AM blog and HERE on my Brassy Apple blog. The I AM blog is only 6 months old and doesn't get as much traffic as I do here. I am hoping to give sponsors exposure but also looking for sponsors who love the purpose behind the I AM blog and want to be involved in this opportunity.

The levels of sponsorship are as follows:

PLATINUM (2 -3 spots): $1.00 per photo (top billing spot for your button I AM blog/ sidebar on BRASSY APPLE)

GOLD (2 spots) : $0.75 per photo (top spots on the sidebar I AM blog/ sidebar on BRASSY APPLE)

SILVER (1 spot) : $0.50 per photo (bottom spot on the sidebar - below GOLD sponsor I AM blog/ sidebar on BRASSY APPLE)

Readers will only be allowed to submit 1 photo for the month. Thus encouraging your best photo and more participation from everyone to raise funds to donate to cancer research. 

The donations will be given to Stand up 2 Cancer - http://www.standup2cancer.org/ (it fits great too with our "take a stand" theme)
Your donation is tax deductible. 

I hope you catch the spirit of this special opportunity. Please let me know asap if you are interested and what level you would like. Space is limited. Also, if you think you might know someone or a company that is interested, please pass this along to them.

SUBMIT your photos for October today!

And spread the word! I'd love to have YOU as a sponsor and be a part of this unique opportunity! 
email me - iammorethanjust [at] gmail [dot] com ASAP! 

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Brown Paper Packages

It's Back to School Basics time with Brown Paper Packages! I am sharing my idea over there today! Stop by and take a look! 

here's a little sneak peek from my idea! 

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Free Printable - You're never fully dressed....

Anyone else experiencing the back to school morning rush? :) 

In all the hub-bub - I wanted to make sure my daughter remembered this on the way out the door! 

You can download and print off your own copy HERE

I will be linking up around the web this week! 

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