Mom it Monday #4 - Draw a Stickman

It's time again to link up your family friendly ideas, kids activities, parties, etc!

Today is a quick idea that my kids have just LOVED!
We found DrawAStickman.com. I showed it to 1 of my kids and quickly they each wanted a turn! It's just too much fun! Enjoy! I think you will love it to! 

Now it's your turn to share your fun ideas!!!

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3. Enjoy!!!

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A special thanks....

A special thanks to these amazing women and their business's for reaching out and wanting to be a part of sponsoring my month of shoe photos and "Taking a stand against cancer on my I AM MORE blog.

Your photos and their donations have helped raise money for StandUp2Cancer.org

Truly Lovely

Please take a moment to visit their sites and see what they have to offer! 

don't forget to the London Raquel Giveaway! winner to be posted Tuesday!

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Thumbtack DIY projects

Hello to anyone here from my Daily Dish segment this morning! :) 
I shared some "tacky" ideas for Thanksgiving using - ThumbTACKS!

It's fun to add this texture to several different styrofoam shapes. 

Wreaths - Circular or square. I found this shape at the $1.00 store! Hang it over a frame or mirror or lay it on it's side and use it for stacking pumpkins, gourds or candles on. 

I covered the top first then the outside and inside.

Faux pumpkins - Again, I found these at the $1.00 store. A little paint and some tacks and you can transform them with any design or monogram that you'd like! AND they will last for several seasons without spoiling :) 

Home Decor Balls - Standing alone or mixed in with your display a simple styrofoam ball and some tacks will add a new dimension. I love the texture they add. 

Place card holders - If you are having a small Thanksgiving dinner affair it would be fun to add these place card holders to the table!

Styrofoam balls
Glitter paint from martha stewart
Name card

Step 1: Take 1 styrofoam ball and press firmly against a table to create a flat bottom. This makes the ball stay and not a roll around. 

Step 2: Cover it with tacks starting at the middle of the top and work your way down. Leave the flat bottom area free of tacks.

Step 3: Spray the tacks the color desired or to create an ombre effect, stray heavily at the bottom, spray lightly near the middle and lightest at the top or leave it the original color. let dry. 

Step 4: Cover all the tacks with a coating of the glitter paint for added sparkle. let dry.

Step 5: Take your name card and pin it into the ball to tack the card into place and you are done! 

You could make topiaries, cover styrofoam cones, blocks and more! The cheapest I have found is to buy the gold tacks at the $1.00 store. They come in a box of 300. Gold not your style? Simply create your piece and spray paint it your color of choice!

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London Raquel - GIVEAWAY!

OH my heavens! you are LUCKY today! I met the lovely Kaysi in August and she is a doll - no wait - she's a GLAM doll! So I wasn't surprised to see her launch her new etsy shop - London Raquel! It's as swanky, GLAM and fabulous as she is! 

Here's what Kaysi says about her shop - "London Raquel is hair couture & accesories for everyone from newborns to adults! everything is made by hand & embellished with the best of the best! our MAIN focus will eventually be focused on brides & wedding accessories, but until we have all of those pieces finished we will have more fun/dress up/prop type accessories!"

London Raquel has a GIVEAWAY for YOU! 

1 lucky reader will win an ITEM of YOUR CHOICE - yup! just pick your favorite!
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Here's how to enter!

{extra entries}

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giveaway will end Tuesday - November 1st - good luck!

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Swing top to Girls Dress - refashion tutorial

I love a good before and after transformation so let's start with that! :) 

From a woman's swing top to..

A fun girl sized dress!!

Woman's sized swing top
child sized t-shirt
rotary cutter, ruler and mat
straight pins
sewing machine

Step 1: Cut the bottom of the t-shirt off to the desired length. I measured on my daugther where I wanted the waist of the dress to fall or hit on her torso. I ended up cutting off about 3 1/2".

Step 2: Cut the swing top just below the arm holes. Set the extra knit scraps from both tops aside.

Step 3: Turn the swing top inside out and place it over the t-shirt lining up the cut bottom edges. Pin the 2 edges together and sew.

Step 4: Turn right side out again and you can see the dress has taken shape! Now it's time to embellish the top. Take the extra knit and or embellishments from the swing top to use (I used a seam ripper to detatch this rosette embellishment).

Step 5: Take the largest part of the swing top scraps and cut a half circle type-ish shape to create a bib on the top. 

Cut to fit the neckline of the t-shirt. Pin into place and sew on. 

Add extra embellishments if desired and wear!

 I will be linking up HERE around the web this week!

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Ruffles and Rosettes - Altered Couture

Are you an "Artwear Enthusiast?" As someone who loves to re-fashion I enjoy browsing through Altered Couture Magazine and especially LOVE it they want to feature my re-fashioned designs! 

Their winter edition (nov/dec/jan) is all about Ruffles and Rosettes and you can catch a 4 page spread and tutorial of one of my designs! 

Thank you Altered Couture for the feature! 

What was the most viewed link from Mom it monday yesterday? 

Check it out! 

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Mom it Monday #3 - Q tip skeletons

It's time again to link up your family friendly ideas, kids activities, parties, etc! 

My idea this week came from a "pin" I saw on pinterest - Q tip skeletons
We created some one night and they were a hit with my family! 

Q tips
construction paper
white paper/marker

Step 1. Pre cut out some skeleton heads from the white paper. 
Step 2. Let the kids draw their own skeleton face. 
Step 3. Assemble the "bones" with Q tips making a rib cage, arms and legs. Glue into place. 
Step 4. Cut some of the Q tips in half for shorter pieces like fingers, feet, etc. 
Let their imagination fly! We ended up with all sorts of skeletons doing funny things!

Now it's your turn to share your fun ideas!!!

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3. Enjoy!!!

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From t-shirt to Shrug!

I've had some requests for the tutorial recently featured in my episode on Get a Little Creative where I take a shirt and refashion it into a shrug.

you can find all my step and step instructions here. Enjoy!

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Get a Little Creative

I had the exciting opportunity to be part of season 1 of the new show Get a Little Creative on the new My Craft Channel. You can catch my episode which aired yesterday! 

and the most viewed link this week so far from Mom it monday was the "Magical Playdough Mix".
Pop over to her blog to find out about this great idea! You can still link up your ideas until Friday and don't forget to link up each monday!

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quick fix with Glitter Paint!

We are finishing up Halloween costumes around here - how about you? My kids went the easy route and chose traditional Halloween "character" with costumes or pieces we already had - that's OK by me! 

My daughter decided on a witch and when I saw this necklace at the $1 store I would it would be a great accessory for her outfit. It just needed a little help from Martha Stewart.....her paint that is! 

I used a bottle of her Glitter Paint - green - from Plaid and put a couple of coats on this skeleton. He went from gray and dull to.......HELLO! look at me!

This glitter paint is really fun to use and "transform" any object! 
It's a simple addition to her Halloween costume! 

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Mom It Monday #2 - Family Night

It's time to LINK UP Again! Share your favorite ideas to do with your kids/family - craft, cook, play, etc. 

The idea I am sharing today is to Create a Family Night! Pick 1 night a week that for a few hours you focus just on your family - and STICK to it! No phones or computers interrupting. Let them have your attention and enjoy doing something together. It can be as simple as playing board games or going for a bike ride to an activity that is more elaborate. It will be something your kids will forward to each week!

Now it's your turn! Link up and share your ideas! They can be current or ones you have done in the past! Just remember: 

1. direct link only - no shops, no selling! 
2. Please grab a button and/or link back to the party! (text link, sidebar or directly in your post!)
3. Enjoy!!!

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Halloween and the Beasties

It's only 2 weeks until Halloween! Be on the look out for vampires and "beasts" of all kinds! Diana sent me this stop motion video she created from her Beasties book! Enjoy!

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Easy to Paint line....stencils!

Yesterday I shared how I put a new twist on the Easy to Paint line available at AC Moore and Michaels Craft stores. Today I am sharing an idea with one of their stencils. 

Christmas Tray

Step 1: I found this framed artwork at a thrift store and loved how the frame was deep on the backside. It could easily be converted into a tiered tray or with handles attached to ends a serving tray. 

Step 2: I painted the entire piece white and then marked a grid system on the diagonal using my stencil as a guide to how large the squares should be. 

Step 3: I used my red and green Plaid paints to fill in the squares. I alternated the stencil in the red squares....

Step 4: and used a painting tool to add texture to the green paint. 

Once it was dry I pulled off the tape to reveal the patchwork design! 

It's a fun way to add color and pattern for any season or holiday! 

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