God Bless Harry Potter

There are lots of twists, turns and secrets within the pages of the Harry Potter series. But there is one secret that my copy of Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix kept that I didn’t know about for 8 years…

It’s got a story to tell….a tale of 2 rings (and no there are no hobbits involved!), 3 USA states, 3 moves and a happy ending. So pull up a chair…

8 years ago I was about 5 1/2 months pregnant and during the Christmas break we took a family trip to Wyoming. There was a crazy storm and I remember the snowfall amount being incredible! There were times we had to go so slowly because we couldn’t see and it was piling on the roads quickly.

After enjoying visiting my husbands family for a few days we started the trip by home. It was long (especially when you have to sit that long while pregnant). I remember my wedding ring “slipping” around on my finger on the car ride. During the winter my wedding ring was always more loose. I remember taking it off once just so I wouldn’t keep bumping the setting, etc as the diamond kept falling to the underside of my finger.

We made several stops along the way, in and out of the car and even had an overnight stay before we finished the rest of the trip. When we arrived home and started to unpack I realized that I didn’t know where my wedding ring was! I did have a flash of a memory of taking it off in the car but I started to think about how many times I had gotten in and out of the car, our overnight stay, etc. and I all could think of was it in the a snowbank in a parking lot somewhere between Wyoming and home. My husband was crushed! There was so much sentimental value associated with my wedding ring for him that he also a bit upset with me too.

Weeks went by, then months…then years! After the 1st year passed I knew for sure we weren’t going to find it. After a few years of wearing different rings on my ring finger my husband reluctantly surprised me with a new wedding ring one night at dinner! I certainly didn’t feel like I deserved it and I was TERRIFIED I would loose this new ring!

Fast forward 3 years from when I got the new ring. We are now living in an entirely new state and have built and moved 3 different times since the beginning of the story (8 years ago).  My son, now 7 keeps bringing home Harry Potter books from the school library. I tell him, “We have these books. Why don’t you just read ours?” And for my sake, then we don’t have to keep track of the library book and return it.
“Ok” he says. “Where are they?”
“Packed away somewhere. Remind me later and we will look for them” I reply.

Well, that didn’t happen. Months went by with the same question and answer going between us. Finally, one day a few months back he asked about them again and THIS time I said, “Let’s go look for those boxes right now.”

Sadly, it took all of 3 minutes to locate the box. There were a few stacked in there and I just grabbed the 5th year book, handed it to his excited little hands and off he ran. A very few short minutes later when I was back working on the computer he came up to me and was saying something about a ring he found in the book. I was typing away and I was thinking, “Is there a ring in that story and maybe there was a trinket in the book that I just never realized was there?”. He said it again and I pulled my concentration away from the computer screen to take in what he was saying.

There he stood holding my wedding ring! The one I had lost 8 years prior. The one I thought I would NEVER see again. The one I thought I would only have photos of from our wedding day to show our children my “first” wedding ring.

I grabbed him an embrace and told him he was the HERO of the day! He had found my long lost wedding ring! Knowing how much this would mean to my husband I told him to run downstairs to Dad’s office and show him.

I couldn’t believe it! Once he was done showing my husband I had him retell me HOW and WHERE he had found it.

Turns out it was wedged between the last couple of pages and the back cover of the book.

I do not remember placing it there – ever! But maybe I did. I was reading this book on the trip we took. It was in the car with me. It was near my purse and all the stuff you surround yourself with when you travel – especially with kids!

I must have finished it on that trip and then back on the shelf if went. Then eventually it just went into a box of book that we wanted to keep but just weren’t putting out on the bookshelves. You can even see all the indentations it made throughout the years of being shifted around.

Needless to say, my husband is relieved and over the moon excited. I think he finally let go of any lingering negative or sad feelings towards the whole wedding ring situation. One of his first questions to me was, “Do you still like it? Is it even your style?” I bust out laughing that that was the first thing he thought of!

So now the story of my wedding ring – how he proposed, how it was lost and how it was found again is an even better story! One that will forever be remembered.
Of course the word went out quickly via text to my family who knew well about my lost wedding ring and the replacement I received years later. I joked with them saying, “God bless Harry Potter!” 

(photo taken by CTR image photography)


  1. wow, nice story and a great wedding picture!!!

  2. :)) such a cute story! A year back I lost a necklace that my husband had gifted me.. I think of it almost every day and hope that it will turn up somewhere!

  3. what a fantastic story! I am so happy for you 🙂

  4. What an amazing story! I lost my ring on my honeymoon and had to retrace my steps to find from Denver to Logan. Luckily it was found in the laundry at the Bed and Breakfast we stayed in the first night! I sent them flowers and thanked them profusely. I was so relieved!!

  5. What a fantastic story with a happy ending! x

  6. Wow… Even the Harry Potter books can work magic! 😉 I am so happy for you and your son. He will be proud every time you recount the story. Such a special memory from beginning to end. 🙂

  7. Wonderful! I just started reading the HP series (I’m waaay behind the times…) but I don’t think I’ll find something that great inside!

  8. Well there you go! 🙂 Definitely a good reason to keep Harry Potter books around! SO glad your ring was found after all these years!!!

  9. What an amazing story! I’m so glad it was found!

  10. That is an AMAZING story! And that picture, WOW!!!

  11. Wow And some people condemn those Harry Potter Books….

  12. Amazing story. I am glad to hear that you found your wedding ring. I lost my engagement ring over 15 years ago and have never found it. Lucky you!!!!

  13. So amazing! I love it 🙂
    Harry Potter is part of my own love story:
    but unfortunately, my husband’s wedding band (that I even had engraved) hasn’t turned up in any books 🙂

  14. What a great story with a happy ending. So happy you found it!!

  15. Love a story with a happy ending! And that photo of you and your hubby is beautiful!

  16. i LOVE harry potter! and I LOVE that he helped keep your ring safe for so many years! great story. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Oh my heck! I totally noticed your ring on Sunday, and thought to myself….hmmmm I thought her ring was a silver solitaire……that is soooo awesome that you found it! And I love the picture of you and Steve at the end of the post! 🙂 Happy days!!!

  18. Hello, this is a story, that really have to go around the world. Really love it and greatings from Germany!

    God bless Harry, yes you’re right!!!


  19. It always appears when you least expect. I know exactly what you mean when you talk about the negative feelings – I still think of my husbands engagement ring he lost whilst gardening! Glad you found it, now you can ‘close the chapter’ hypothetically speaking 🙂

  20. What a great story!

  21. Oh boy, does this story have an all too familiar “ring” to it. Pun fully intended too!

    I’m just glad that my version didn’t last years, just a few months. Not sure how my ring ended up where it was either, but glad it did! I’m sure your hubby is glad yours showed up too. It’s quite pretty!

  22. What an awesome, partially teary story! Thanks for telling it!

    Are you sure there were no Hobbits involved?

  23. I love this story! I have found a couple of rings at different times and was never able to locate either of the “real” owners of them. I always wonder if they loved their rings and miss them. I would have gladly given them back because I know how I would feel if I lost one of mine! Thanks for sharing your story! I’m a new follower. ~ Barbara

  24. I LOVE this. I already have a huge warm place for all things Harry Potter and this just makes it grow!

  25. wow! it’s a good thing you kept that book!

  26. Wow! What a story! I am so glad you found it! 🙂

  27. This story warmed my geeky heart! Beautiful, I’m so very happy for you.

  28. Aw, I love this! So glad you got your ring back. Harry Potter saves the day yet again!

  29. That is a great story! Amazing that you found it after all those years! 🙂


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