Home decor – Fabric wall art

Needing to dress up your walls but don’t want something permanent? or do you want something completely different that your neighbors and guests will notice and comment on when they stop by?
Well – maybe my fabric wall art tutorial is what you are looking for! 
Take a look at what my little sister did in her house using a similar technique.
I have to start with this enormous one in the dining room!

Besides lovin’ the dining room this birdie at the end of the hallway just make me smile! I love the modern “trees” and the colors.

A living room wall gets a pop of color and design!

And she’s even added some fun in the bathroom!
(psst! she used my medallion pattern you can get here)

I always love to see how you create something from my tutorials! Please post and share photos on my Facebook wall, if you blog about it – send me the link, or email me!


  1. What a great idea! Love the one with the birds by the switch plate! 🙂 So happy!

  2. Oh love the dining room design, so striking!

  3. Hi, Megan

    I am loving your awesome wall art!


  4. SO in love with the modern trees with the birds, SO CUTE!

  5. So cute! This is when you need one of those handy dandy fabric cutter machines.

  6. Love the colorful mask. What a fun idea!

  7. Such a creative way to make the wall itself into a work of art (and fill up blank space inexpensively, too)!

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