New Project

Thursday morning my usual busy schedule got completely turned upside down and I became very familiar, very quickly with a new speed of busy 🙂 
I was asked to take on a school musical project and had 24 hours to put it all together – lines, songs, production, etc. Well it wasn’t just going to be any production – I just can’t think that way! LOL and luckily I knew I had a great friend and partner in crime to pull this off!
So for the last 2 days I’ve been consumed in listening to music, choreographing, mapping out lines, casting parts, getting music cut….and on and on and on. 
Don’t get me wrong – it’s GREAT! I get to work with the elementary school kids and be a part of this chance for them to SHINE, develop their acting, singing and dancing skills and I just get to ride this adventure with them! 
BUT – if you ever think, “I don’t have time for something like that“….believe me – you do! Because me and the other Moms involved don’t really have “time” for all this fun either but you just make it happen. It’s for the kids. And yes it’s a lot of work, time, late nights and running so much you don’t have time to eat. BUT – it’s worth it! It really is…..Never thought I’d have this big project thrown in my lap a few days into the New Year but it’s an adventure I am happy to take! looking forward to the ride….
psst! I’ll still be blogging my crafty projects, tutorials, ideas, etc! no worries there! Just going to strap on my super woman cape and make it all happen for the next 3 months! 🙂 I’ve got some really fun Valentine’s ideas to share so look forward to those in the next coming weeks!


  1. Some times PRESSURE and Deadlines bring out the BEST in us… Have FUN!!! and enjoy the ride.. 🙂

  2. Ooh that’s exciting!! Something to do with Dr. Seuss huh?? 🙂

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