DIY fabric button earrings by Amy Cornwell

Hi! I’m Amy and I have a crafty & lifestyle blog over here and a shop here. My “day job” is making jewelry (maybe you’ve seen my True Love ring??) but I love being crafty in any form or fashion. Creating is in my blood and I’m so happy to be guest posting on Megan’s blog today. Hasn’t it been an amazing month of crafty goodness?! I’m loving it!
I have a super easy but fashionable project for you today. We’ve all seen the fabric covered button earrings, but I put my own little twist on it today. This is the first time I’ve made fabric covered buttons, and I was amazed at how easy it was! Let’s get started!
You’ll need a fabric button making kit (you can get this at any craft store), a scrap of fabric, paper clips, and ear wires. Tools you’ll need are scissors, wire cutters, and a hot glue gun (or adhesive of your choice).
Make your fabric covered buttons by following your kits instructions (it’s super easy!). In four more steps you’ll have some pretty dangle earrings…
1) First you’ll clip off the button loops from the back side. 
2) Next clip off the top part of the paperclip, making a long skinny U shape. 
3) Add a large dollop of hot glue and press the paperclip into the glue. 
Be careful at this step, the paperclip and button radiate the heat very quickly. 
If you have more patience than me, you can use a glue like E6000 and let it dry
before completing the last step. 
4) Finally, open the end of your ear wire by twisting it sideways and
slipping on your button. Twist it back shut and you’re done!
If you’d like to go all out and make some beaded dangles, you just have a few more steps and you can add some extra fun to the buttons. You’ll need a few extra things for these: round nose pliers, 24 gauge wire and beads.
1) Follow steps 1-3 above. To make a wrapped loop, wrap your wire around your pliers making a circle. Then take the short “tail” of the wire and wrap it around the long tail about 3x.
2) Add the bead and start your second wrapped loop by bending the wire at a 90 degree angle.
3) Make the second loop around the bottom of the bead.
4) Before you finish the loop, attach the button. Finally, finish the wrap and add the earwire.
Thanks for letting me share with you today! I’d love to see your button dangle earrings too so if you make some, please post them on my facebook page!


  1. These are so darling Amy!!! I love how customizable they are – I am going to have to make up a ton of these!

  2. How clever! I have a ton of these kinds of buttons in my button and didn’t know what to do with them…until now!

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