DIY fashion accessories – from watch to bracelet

February 1st kicks off a month long series of DIY accessory tutorials! I am so excited to have several guests sharing their DIY ideas with you here on my blog! Each day you will get a new tutorial from a new guest! 
I hope you enjoy all the ideas that will be shared, pin a few (or a lot) and of course – create something new to accessorize with! 
I am sharing an idea today. A DIY bracelet that was once a watch! I thrifted this bracelet/watch and also the metal medallion piece (.50 cents total!)
 The watch didn’t work and I never watch anyway but I liked the beaded strap. The metal medallion fit perfectly over the watch face and I knew I had chunky bracelet in the works! 
I picked some fabric and traced around the medallion with a fabric marker. Then I cut it out.
I applied the fabric to the medallion with some Mod Podge and let it dry. 
Then to add a shiny coat I applied a layer of Diamond Glaze and let it dry. It gives it a “professional” look.

Using some good, strong, craft glue I apply the medallion to the watch face and again – let it dry! 
And it’s done! Really easy and inexpensive too but original! I’ll be linking up HERE to share my idea!

See you back here tomorrow for DIY accessory tutorial from a guest blogger!


  1. Hi, Megan

    Great idea and I love the new look.


  2. Nice idea. Looks great!

  3. really great idea to use a watch that was pretty much useless and make it into a striking statement piece!

  4. You are kind of a genius!!!!

  5. Very CUTE!

  6. I’m probably far too lazy to actually make that but it looks fabulous!

  7. Love it! Very sassy 🙂

  8. Love it!! I look forward to the upcoming how-to’s. I haven’t done a jewelry refashion in a long time so I’ll have to try this out. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Super cute! Looking forward to this series!

  10. What a great repurpose Megan!! I love the black and white!

  11. LOVE this refashion! Super cute Megan! I hope youll like up to the fashion party tomorrow!


  12. I look ahead to the future how-to’s. I haven’t done a bracelets refashion in a while so I’ll have to try this out.

    The Laughing Cow

  13. Crafty Cougar says

    Just love your revamp of the watch. I know I will try this. Thank you.

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