The Color Run….my weekend

I spent this past weekend in Las Vegas and participated in The Color Run!
As part of living my year with “Adventure” – the big and the small – I jumped at the chance to get in on all the fun this 5k run had to offer as quickly as possibly! 
I happened across a post my cousin made about it on Facebook, checked it out, watched the You tube video and was hooked! It was the perfect last minute getaway for me and a friend as our reward for the 2 months of work we have put into a local school project.
The Color Run is a 5k fun run for all ages where every kilometer they blast you with a different colored chalky powder. All runners are required to start the race in a white tshirt. Here is us before….


It is a complete BLAST!!! I highly recommend it!!! We ran with about 6 -7,000 other people. At the end they have a color festival where everyone gets to throw a pouch of color!

If The Color Run is coming to a city near you or not near you (heck I traveled 7 hours to go to this one!)DO IT!!! You will have a great time! (fyi – they sell out of spots in each city it goes to so register early if you can!)
Here’s a short slide show of several photos from that event! 
(plus I have shared some photos on my Facebook page too!)

After the run we headed out on the town for more fun! Wild that I could go from painted up and “dirty” to painted up and “pretty”  – LOL – in a short amount of time on the same day! 

Have you participated in The Color Run ?


  1. this post just made my day!! i’m doing twin cities this summer and so excited already! love the idea of sleeves! thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  2. oh wow! this sounds like a blast! i do like running, but this is definitely a notch above!

  3. hey! there is a run coming to denver. i am gonna sign up for sure. just gotta find someone to do it with me! 🙂

  4. I signed up yesterday for the Kansas City run, can’t wait! Would LOVE to hear some tips on what I should and should not bring or do out of the normal 5k stuff (good shoes, water, etc). Great pictures!

    • Hi ShanMajors! That is great!!! you will love it!

      WEll – everything will get color on it! and everyone is there to have fun!!! I think more people walked it than ran it but that’s the nature of this run – it’s all about fun!

      SO – don’t wear your favorite pair of shoes if you are worried about them getting stained with color. They have water halfway through and then water at the end.

      the only thing I carried with me was my tiny camera in a plastic bag so I could still take photos and video during the run and my packet of color they give you to throw at the end! 🙂

    • Did you remove your camera from the bad to take photos? I’m nervous about taking a camera, but think its too fun not to!

  5. I did want to add that I took all these photos with my tiny point and shoot camera. I was too nervous to bring my DSLR 🙂

    BUT I was thrilled with the outcome. If you run it – check the FAQs for help and tips too! 🙂

  6. goodness!! SUCH fun!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. How fun! Now I need to add this to my list. It looks like you had a blast.

  8. This looks SO fun…I am adding it to my “bucket list” for sure!

  9. So many of my Facebook friends participated in the Color Run this year. I had never heard of it before that. Can’t wait to participate myself. You made it look like such a great time!

  10. Looks like so much fun!

  11. This sounds like a blast! If I’m going to run, it better be full of color… haha.

  12. OK- I love this! What an awesome RUN! I have never heard of it.. looks like you had a blast! You are too cute- I love your hair by the way!!

  13. Oh I seen this on Pinterest and looked it up… it sure does look like it’s a lot of fun, but sadly, I would have to travel a far distance when it travels even the nearest to us. 🙁 It sure does look like so much fun!

  14. Next time I’m hopping in the backseat and going with you!

  15. It is great to be an adult and behave like kids. Love it.

  16. How fun – looks like it was a blast. I’ve never heard of this before but will be looking into it.

  17. Megan – Thanks so much for writing this fantastic review about our race. We just finished the official Las Vegas video and you can watch it at the following link: Thanks again for coming and running and hope to see you again soon. We are going to be announcing some cities soon that you will be thrilled to travel to. 🙂

  18. i’ve had some questions about my camera. I have a DSLR camera but I was too nervous to take that so I just packed my tiny, thin point and shoot. I carried it during the run in a plastic bag and was able to shoot video through the plastic while running.

    When I got to the end I did take my camera out of the bag to take photos and then put it back in for the color festival and any other time I felt I needed too.

    It did color on it from my hands and just being at the color run but it wiped right off and I haven’t seen any damaging effects 🙂

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