Farmhouse Chic DIY decor

The best thing about your own space - is just that. It's YOUR own space. We all have different styles and we get to create the mood, feeling, etc that we want for each room in our home.

My mom has recently gone for a Farmhouse Chic feel and I wanted to share some photos from her house I snapped to share! All these ideas can be replicated easily. Most importantly - love the space you are in! Surround yourself with items that matter to you, that you love, that resonate with you for whatever reason. 

These vintage suitcases double as the weekly newspaper bin holder. The top suitcase belonged to my grandpa so it's sentimental and functional too. So much better than sitting a closet.

I love the look of a bare lampshade. And any "ugly" lampshade with the right structure underneath at a second hand store can be torn apart and made into this!

pssst...did you notice the red weather gate behind the table? Just a fun pop of color and texture! 

Onto the Kitchen! White bead board paneling and a red trimmed out window makes it POP!

and how can you not notice this custom light over the sink! Love it!

She used the window space to display come great colored ceramics and these cheese graters that belonged to her mother. 

An old rake head turned into a display for kitchen tools and makes them easy to access when they are needed instead of all piled in a drawer.

This is one of my favorite pieces! It's a mirrored closet door that she painted in this yummy mustard yellow and then attached the antique door hardware. It's just casually leaned against the wall in the living room. It reflects light beautifully and is such a large statement piece.

A brilliant solution  to a glass paneled door - cover the glass on the inside with fabric! Just use a little liquid starch to adhere it. This door leads into a walk in pantry so no matter how "messy" it may get you'll never see it. Plus I love the contrast of colors and pattern.

And one last detail to show you! She created a "cornice" board over her front window by using sliding shutter doors. They are interesting and add texture to the space.

Thanks for taking a tour with me through my Mom's Farmhouse Chic home! (pin it if you like it!)

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  1. Awesome....I want a rake hanging on my kitchen wall.....I 'pinned' it!

  2. I wish I could just shop there ;) So many awesome ideas!

  3. I love what you did on the cheese grater and some of the old kitchen utensils. They serve as a great interior to your Mom's house.