What I wore - rainy day

I have come to realize that I like to live in a place where the Summer Season is "short". As much as I LOVE the Sunny skies and WARM weather, I love to layer my clothes and I have waaaay more options for Fall - early Spring in my wardrobe then I do for Summer. OH well! I will be fixing that this year!

The reason I even brought that up at all is because I had an unexpected cold, dark, rainy day this week which made it possible to break out some "layers" and long sleeves. yipppeee! 
So to keep it not Winter looking but still warm enough for me during the day I wore some open toed shoes in a fun color. I chose a scarf that was light and draped it so it was open (I've talked about that in other "what I wore" posts).
A fun trouser jeans and some accessories and the outfit is complete! 

Top: Pick your Plum deal
Scarf: Old Navy - clearance years ago
Trouser Jeans - Ross
Earrings - gift
Bracelet - had forever
Ring - Groopdealz from (Loved Stitched)
Shoes - Thrifted

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  1. love those shoes! lucky you to have such a great thrift find! I'm still waiting for warm enough weather to wear peep toes...

  2. Cute shoes! I live in Maine so we have about 3 weeks for sandals, shorts and tank tops then it's back to jeans, boots & scarves ;)
    @ Creative Kristi

  3. I love this outfit! I'm with you - I'd rather dress for Fall-Spring. Thrifted shoes?? CUTE!

  4. Your layers are great! I love the color combo you put together and the shoes are darling! :)

  5. Darling outfit! I'm a scarf girl, too because I'm always cold. Yours is very pretty and I love the pop of color with the fun shoes. Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning!
    ~Christy B (http://www.christyBphotography.com/blog)

  6. Your hair is so adorable! I love the scarf and the shoes

  7. seriously, could you be any cuter! tall, skinny, stylish, and super sweet! Love the ring on you...see you soon my friend! xoxo

  8. super cute! I love your hair style. i wish i had the courage to just chop all of mine off ;)

  9. I love wearing plain shirts, and I LOVE what the scarf does for the plain shirt. You look fabulous! Your earrings are amazing! Seeing them with you short hair makes me want to cut mine, but.... I don't dare. Thanks so much for sharing! Have a great day!