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Hi! I’m Heather from Creative Preschool Resources and I’m so excited to be guest posting today over at Brassy Apple! Thanks Megan for having me! The Olympics are coming and I can hardly wait to watch the games with my own kids and cheer on The Good Ole U-S-A!

To get the kids in the Olympic spirit we held a little Preschool Olympics party complete with crafts, a couple games and USA inspired snacks. We started by creating our visors with the Olympic Rings. I bought foam visors at Michael’s in several colors.

What good athlete doesn’t need something to keep the sun out of their eyes?

Yup, you see right we used toilet paper rolls to make the rings. They worked perfectly! Just grab some acrylic paint, foam and toilet paper rolls. Then, start stamping. The kids will love them!

After making our visors we made a paper plate discus to throw during our games. Just use two paper plates and glue them together to form a disc. {Ahead of time, I added some dried pinto beans in between the plates to add some weight.} We also used construction paper and wooden skewers to make flags. We will use both the flags and discs during our games.

Now for the fun stuff. Strap on your visor and let’s play. To be honest, it was nearly 100 degrees outside when we had our party, so we did crafts in the shade, played two Olympic games and then had snack time, also in the shade. GAME #1 – Discus throw The kids had to stand in a line and take turns throwing their discs.

It was so funny to watch them attempt to throw it like a Frisbee. It was a tricky skill for them. 🙂 We used the flags to mark where their discs landed. The goal on their next turn was to throw it further then they did the time before. That way they competed against themselves and it took the pressure off of getting first place.
The second game we did was a simple race. The kids loved getting out in the heat and running their little hearts out.

After those 2 simple games the kids were hot and sweaty. We opted out of additional games to gather in the shade and have some snacks. One of our snacks was large pretzels dipped in white chocolate and red and blue sprinkles. The other was a layered treat. Blue jello on the bottom, white whipped cream in the middle and topped with fresh strawberries. Yummo! I apologize that I didn’t get pics of the snacks, but I think they are pretty self explanatory. Are you inspired to have an Olympic themed party with the little ones in your life? Come check out my blog, Creative Preschool Resources for lots of ideas for living, learning and playing with your preschool aged child.


  1. Great ideas – love the visor. Might try this as a playdate theme – but our treat would have to be red jello, whip cream and strawberries. Go, Canada, Go.

  2. These are soo sweet! Great idea.

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