Christmas Oranges – new MOVIE!

Do you have the tradition of getting an orange at Christmas time? We always did and I have to say I did look forward to it. It’s the perfect fit for the toe of the stocking right? (ha ha ha)
There is a new movie coming out called Christmas Oranges. It’s a GREAT family flick if you are looking for something that the whole family can watch but that also has some meaning and substance. 
It’s based on the book Christmas Oranges and here’s trailer to give you a sneak peek:

We watched Christmas Oranges as a family and it was something that all my kids enjoyed. I of course cried at many different parts and also laughed and enjoyed the different messages the movie holds.

I think it’s a wonderful film to kick off the Holiday season of giving and gratitude. They have a limited theatrical run of this movie starting Friday, November 2nd at the following Utah movie theaters:

1.       Megaplex 17 @ Jordan Commons
2.       Megaplex 20 @ the District
3.       Megaplex 14 @ Legacy Crossing (Centerville)
4.       Thanksgiving Point
5.       Megaplex 13 @ the Junction (Ogden)
6.       Movies 5 (Logan)
7.       Fiddler 6 (Cedar City)
8.       Pine View 6 (St. George)
My kids, “It was cool.” 
“I liked it.”
“I like how Rose was brave.” 
A few of the recurring themes that I noticed were being grateful for what you have, making the best of your situation, forgiveness, and to cherish the people in your life now. Like I said, a movie with substance. I really did love and enjoy the show and highly recommend it for the coming season! 


  1. My late grandmother would give us a paper bag with an orange, an apple, some pecans, and a few candy pieces every Christmas. It is such a wonderful memory! I hope this movie comes to Texas soon..i would love to see it!!! I think I will share this on my blog.
    Thanks for sharing~~~
    audrey ♥

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