DIY Clustered Brooch

OH accessories……you know I love them! 
I have several pendants that can be hooked on necklaces or attached to my handbags, etc (versatility – the other thing I love!).
I have a fun mix of pendants from the Styled by Tori line and many I have thought would make GREAT brooches!
Did you know that clustering brooches together is a new trend? and I totally LOVE IT! I think I love it because it allows me to wear more than one “pretty” piece at a time…wink. I love that you can mix the styles and colors and be eclectic, classic, blingy, etc. Whatever compliments your outfit! There’s a great segment on it by Mindy from Studio 5 if you want to see more!
SO – I picked out some pendants, snatched some small safety pins and I created the same look without using brooches at all! Here’s how I did it. 
I picked out 3 pendants that complimented my outfit. Remember when you are clustering, work in odd numbers – 1, 3, 5, and so on…
I placed them on my sweater jacket in an arrangement I liked, then I started pinning. Because they are pendants meant for necklaces they (1 & 2) have loops on the top or underside. This is where I attached the safety pins through. I used the smallest safety pins I had because it gave the pendant less “surface room” to slide around on. It helped it stay in place. Then I (3) continued to layer the pendants nestling them close together and/or slightly underneath each other. 
That’s IT! and when I’m done wearing it they become pendants again! (love that….)
So take another look at what’s in your jewelry box and see the possibilities that are there! Or pick up a few fun new pieces that could be used. 
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  1. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Bee Craft Inspirations, under the Page 1 post on Oct. 17, 2012. Thanks again.

  2. Wonderful idea! I don’t typically wear brooches but with sweater season upon us, this may be something I try! Thank you

  3. I love this idea and am so glad you shared a tutorial on how to do this. Since accessorizing is something that I have trouble with, it helps to sort of follow along with steps. I’m waiting and hoping that you’ll eventually have your own accessory line and I can just purchase the items I like. 🙂

  4. So pretty!


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