The Color Run – family style!

Earlier this year I heard about The Color Run and on an impulse registered for the closest one that was 2 weeks off and in Las Vegas (yeah for girls weekend!) It was FANTASTIC! 
I came home and said, “I HAVE to do that with my family!” 
Fast forward 7 months to September when the Color Run came to my backyard – Sandy, Utah – and that wish was fullfilled!!!

I think the Color Run  is AWESOME whether you do it with your friend(s) or your family! I loved seeing my kids get all painted up “willy wonka style” (as they say) while doing a physical activity and making family memories together! 
Here’s my tips for running it with your family:
1) I left my little guy at home. I could have pushed a stoller but he doesn’t stay in it. And he likes to wander. So there will be other years that he will remember it more, enjoy it and it won’t stress out Mom and Dad so much 😉 
2) Do a trial run. As part of our Color Run experience we spent an evening walking/sprinting a 5k route so my 2 other kids could physically see and experience how long the course would be (and we created more family memories too).
 3) Invite others!!! Spread the word!!! It’s always great to let others know about fun family events. We invited my husband cousins to run it with us. 
4) Bring Snacks. We had to leave early and drive a bit from our house to where the starting line was. It was nice to have a quick snack before we started or have something to eat when we got back to our car for the ride home (PS – they have snacks and water at the end of the run too. yeah!!!).
 5) Let loose!!! The more you have fun with it and “let your hair down” the more fun your kids will have too! 
My daughter wanted to make a white tutu to wear so we went for it! And lucky for her they had everyone wearing a tutu come to the stage and dance and help throw prizes to the crowd (I felt so happy when they announced that because we took the time to create one and she got that opportunity). 
 Dance and have fun!!! Get colored and “dirty”!Go along with the crowd – Everyone there is in a party mood, happy and having a good time!

 6) Take photos!!! As a blogger it’s like a “curse” – I have this need/desire to document almost everything! LOL….. But my kids love being able to look back and relive the moments and show the pictures to their friends and classmates. Don’t forget to be in the moment – just step outside of it a few times to capture some shots.

 and ENJOY!!!!Check out the Color Run schedule and join in the fun!!!


  1. It looks like a blast! When my youngest gets older we’ll have to take him. My husband and I did it together this year and my eldest son freaked out when we came home and demanded we take baths before we come anywhere near him. He doesn’t know what he missed!

  2. Wow, I live in Sandy & I didn’t even know about this! Thanks for enlightening me. I enjoyed it vicariously through your great photos.

    Warmly, Michelle

  3. I want to do one of these!!! Checking out the website for the AZ run! 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh we just did a girls day out at the Color Run in Cincinnati, Ohio! We had the BEST time and can’t wait until next year!
    You got some great pictures, so cute.
    Have a great day!

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