Christmas crafting for kids – Kiwi Crate

If your kids, grandkids, cousins or kids you know like to craft and be creative then may I suggest Kiwi Crates. We have recently discovered these and we LOVE them! 
A Kiwi Crate is DIY projects designed for kids ages 3 – 7, nicely packaged and shipped right your door – no stress with all the materials needed included (and it comes addressed to your child too)!
We tried out the Crafty Christmas crate and it certainly gets 2 thumbs up from my kids! Even my older ones wanted to get involved. My favorite thing about Kiwi Crate is that my little 4 year old can DO IT! He had such a sense of accomplishment and “big kid” status being in control of his own project. 

He had freedom of expression and all the materials he needed to complete it but also to get creative with. The ribbons that were included for various embellishing purposes for the DIY projects he turned in “vines” that were attached to his Gingerbread house to “you can climb up to the house” he said. LOL. I loved it. He glued them himself with a perfectly sized glue bottle for his little hands and places ribbons, pom poms and felt pieces just where we wanted. 

Kiwi Crate has subscription plans so you can have them delivered monthly to your door addressed to your child! What a fabulous gift idea that keeps giving and arriving at their doorstep throughout the year. I also love that you can get started right away. With all the supplies needed right inside the box they don’t have to wait or gather all the supplies. 
We love Kiwi Crate and would highly recommend them! They were even listed in Redbooks gift list recently too!

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