DIY jeweled scarf – Styled by Tori

I’ve seen scarves out this season that have pendants and metal balls threaded on them. I love the look so I wanted to put my own spin on it today! 
Dig into your jewelry box and you might have all the supplies you need already!
pendant – I used ones from the styled by Tori line
bracelet piece/necklace topper (styled by Tori)
connector – optional (styled by Tori)

Step 1: Tie or loop your scarf how you are going to wear it that day. Then take the bracelet piece or necklace topper piece and wrap it around a loop in the scarf. Place the ends at the bottom (as pictured below on the left).
Step 2: Use the clasps on the bracelet ends to connect through a loop on the pendant (pictured above on right). If you use a necklace topper you will need a connector to pull it all together.
Done! Add some color, texture, sparkle and an added pop when you wear your scarves this season! And the best part is when you are done the styled by Tori pieces can then be DIY’d into something else! they are so versatile! 

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  1. So clever!

  2. Great idea! Those sell really well at trade shows! I am featuring this at on friday!

  3. I am SO doing this! Thank Megan, you are awesome 🙂

    xoxo, Tanya

  4. A peep at my old jewelry box… that’s what I need to do right now.

  5. Great way to dress up a scarf!

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