EyeCharts giveaway – perfect GIFT!!!

 I love a good graphic print and one that makes you stop and figure it out I love even more! Probably because I end up laughing or having an “ah ha” moment when I do figure out what it says. 

That’s why I love Eyecharts!
So many fun sayings, colors and ways to customize them too! 
What does this one say?………See! don’t you love it when you figure it out!? 
I received a “And They lived Happily Ever After” Print from Eyecharts on Etsy and they want to giveaway a custom “ever after” print to 1 lucky  reader!
Mine came nicely wrapped and packaged….

And they are customized too!! Our names are at the bottom with our wedding date and a happy red heart! 

These are so fun to have and GIVE!!! Getting married? Know someone who is? have a special friend and need a special gift? Check out all their sayings and snatch one up today! 
1 “Happily ever after print” customized for 1 lucky reader
Can’t wait??? Use the discount code right now – BRASSYAPPLEDISCOUNT – to save 15% off your order!

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  1. The Yellow, You are My Sunshine Print is wonderful. We sing that song every night.

  2. I also love the “You are my Sunshine!” We sing that to our kiddos all the time. I especially sang it to them when I was pregnant with each one!

  3. I love the “you make me happy” adorable!

  4. I love the you are my sunshine one.
    I feel lame cause everyone else is saying it but it’s awesome!

  5. My favorite is “you are the jelly to my peanut butter”

  6. You are my sunshine…one of my favorite quotes.

  7. I like the alphabet poster!

  8. I love the cards like the Birthday Card-I Think you are Something Kind of Special! So fun!

  9. I can’t decide whether I like “to the moon and back” or “You are my sunshine”, or the alphabet best! Brilliant!

  10. I love the eyechart.

  11. My favorites are a toss up…there are so many to like. But my top 3 picks are You are my Sunshine, The nursery alphabet, and i would customize a Christmas verse in the red and white. All of them are great! I also like the I am totally crazy in love…

  12. There are a lot of wonderful picks, I think I would be happy about winning any of them! But I really like the Love Poster, thats too cute!


  13. SO cute! I am in love with the Happily Ever After eye chart…so creative!

  14. That’s a creative idea.

  15. Such a cute idea! You make me happy….love it!

  16. Love the happily ever after eye chart….what a great idea!


  17. I love the alphabet eye chart! I’d totally put it in my son’s room 🙂

  18. I love the happily ever after one and also the sisters make the best of friends one, so cute!

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