Make magic do good – kids book giveaway!

You know I love kids books and creating activities from them too! 
Think of all the fun possibilities the Make Magic. Do Good. kids book from Dallas Clayton could hold! 
And you have the chance to win a FREE copy of this new book! 
If you haven’t ever read any of Dallas Clayton’s books you are in for a treat! His THANK YOU book is one of my kids favorites! So they were super excited to see this book arrive in the mail and recognized it as being one of his books (that’s a compliment to the author for sure)!
Make Magic. Do good. is a book of poems by him. They are funny and meaningful. They encourage kids to do just as the title says – Make magic, use your imagination, dream, explore and do good. Be the good in the world and have fun doing it! Be awesome, be yourself and dream BIG! I loved it and so did my kids. Win, win my mind! 
Give your kids some “magic” that lasts longer than the Holiday season! Enter below! 

Good luck! Thank you Dallas for offering the giveaway!
(just had to share this pic of my little guy! hilarious!!)


  1. I would say the birth of each of my children was a little bit of magic.

  2. My five year old participated in the Summer of Service this year and did a lot of good cleaning up trails in our state!

  3. Buying small gifts for needy children this holiday season feels magical to me!

  4. I taught my 2 year old daughter to *magically* open the automatic doors at Hobby Lobby… She thought she was pretty cool! Excited to Do Good this holiday season! Lots of plans in store 🙂
    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  5. The very first ultrasound of my little daughter… Just a little spot was switching on and of so quickly!!! Those moments was so magical!!!

  6. I love to encourage imagination and thinking. This book looks like a lot of fun!

  7. Our family trip to Disney last year was a week of magic for us all.

  8. I helped my church collect 212 shoeboxes full of gifts for Operation Christmas Child. Just got them turned in yesterday.

  9. I wanna win.

  10. Magic is taking ordinary, around the house objects and transforming them into costumes or imaginative playthings.

  11. I love good children’s books 🙂

  12. I “read” my kids minds, and I’ve taught my kids to make their own beds.- That’s magic in my book!

  13. My magical moment-next to the birth of each of my boys. Was on Sept 25th 2008, my oldest son (he was 4 at the time) almost died right infront of me-the doctors told me he had cancer, so I rushed him to the hospital and stayed by his side holding his hand. My middle boy told me not to let his brother die-he was 3 and teary eyed. As I sat in the hospital and they were running tests. They came in and told me he would be okay, that they knew what it was. Type 1 diabetes and if I would have waited they didn’t know how much longer he had. But they gave him an IV full of insulin and with in 45 minutes..magic happened. My son sat up and told me he didn’t want to lay down no more, he was given back to me that night. I am so proud of each of my boys. They care for each other.

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