Secret boards on Pinterest!!

YES!!! You heard me right! for all those who have been wishing for and wanting a secret Pinterest board  – your wishes have been granted!!!
Today is your day! Now you can to plan that party, pin some gifts, etc without everyone seeing it! 
Here is a blog post about the secret pinterest boards too!
But basically you have 3 boards you can create to be secret. Just scroll down all the way to the bottom of your profile and you will see them! Create a board or two and use the secret ON button! 
Are you excited?? 
 And while we are taking about photos and social media did you know Instagram just launched profile pages? Its a fun way to see all the photos in one place on the web and be able to access them that way. Here’s an article that explains more about why they launched profile pages.
So have fun with these this weekend~!


  1. wahoo this is fantastic news!

  2. Finally! Now I can pin all those tacky things that I’m too embarrassed for the world to see!

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