Velata giveaway – Fondue for you!

Oh my yumminess!!! you are in for a scrumptious giveaway today! 
 Velata would like to give 1 lucky reader a Velata warmer and 2 bags of Chocolate (enter below)! 
 What is Velata? It’s a modern and EASY spin on fondue! It’s genius! I’ve tasted it and used it first hand too! You can see my first experience with Velata here. 
Think of how amazing this would be during the Holidays when people stop by, for family gatherings, holiday parties and to give as a gift that keeps giving yummy chocolate the year through! Your girlfriends will LOVE you! 
As a family we always have a fondue meal for Christmas Eve or New Years Eve. My kids are super excited for it this year because this year – we have Velata! (I’m excited too!)
You can find a Velata consultant near you, browse all their warmer styles and chocolates and keep up with all their latest ideas too!
and here’s the giveaway! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

and just in case you needed some more “eye candy” or another reason to LOVE Velata….tee hee hee


  1. I would get a curvy in black

  2. I would love a blue curve warmer!

  3. I love the curvy warmer in black. So fun.

  4. Pick me! I’ve used these and love them! So, so fun…and delicious!

  5. I have never used one of these before but I love the purple warmer. This looks like it would be a fun date night!

  6. THIS IS SO COOL! I love the purple warmer! And the blue one. 😀

  7. Rouge and Noir, in red! Very pretty 😀

  8. I would love to melt Premium Belgian & Caramel Milk in a lovely Glossy Rouge at my next hosting of our weekly neighborhood/friend party!

  9. Oh Oh I love the curvy purple with dark chocolate and caramel milk 😀

  10. Rouge and Noir in red!

  11. I love the curvy one in lime green. Dark chocolate and caramel milk sound soooo good!

  12. I like the Rouge and Noir in black! My kids would love this!!

  13. I like Rouge and Noir in Noir!

  14. Caramel milk chocolate!!

  15. I would love to get the dark chocolate!

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  16. The Rouge and Noir in black, filled with dark chocolate!!!

  17. the Rouge and Noir in red with milk chocolate!

  18. Tough choice, I like the curved collection in the purple as well as the noir one. Milk chocolate would have to be my pick.

  19. I’d love the Caramel Milk Chocolate and the purple curve warmer

  20. I like the Curve in purple…with milk chocolate!

  21. The Noir with dark chocolate!! Yum!

  22. I love the curve collection, especially the white & black model. The milk chocolate would probably be my fav.

  23. How fun is this? We currently have a fondue pot from the 70’s – I kid you not! It’s worn out and not as pretty as these.

  24. I like the glossy rogue pot and I would probably get milk chocolate for dipping. Looks yummy!

  25. I have tried this once before and it’s great!

  26. The caramel milk chocolate. And maybe some regular, or white, or well, it’s all so good! 🙂

  27. I like the Rouge and Noir one and milk chocolate

  28. I love caramel milk chocolate!

  29. The curvy in black or red, methinks!

  30. Caramel Milk Chocolate

  31. Rouge and Noir in red.

  32. I love the red warmers and the milk chocolate … mmmmmmm

  33. Love the curve collection. Thanks for a fun giveaway!

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