Wrap gifts with jewelry – DIY

It’s fun to add a little sparkle to the gifts we give. Whether it’s Christmas time, birthdays, bridal showers, etc. I love it when the embellishments we add or receive on the gifts are actually useful too!
Adding a Styled by Tori pendant and/or necklace is a great way to do both! You get the sparkle and beauty plus the function! and what women wouldn’t want to receive a new piece of jewelry too!

gift bag
Tulle, ribbon, lace, etc to embellish the bag
I created 2 different versions with 2 different looks!
Look #1 – Just the pendant:
Step 1: Thread a strip of tulle or ribbon through the pendant and tie to the bag. Let the pendant hang down a bit.
Step 2: Add strips of lace, tulle, ribbon, create a bow and more! Trim the ends as necessary, insert your gift inside and you have a beautifully decorated bag that has a gift on the outside as well as the inside!
Look #2 – The entire necklace:
Step 1: Add the pendant to the chain and open the back clasp. Place the pendant in the center of the bag and decide how low you want it to hang.
Step 2: With some clear tape or washi patterned tape secure the ends of the necklace to the inside of the bag – folding the ends of the necklace up and over the top edge of the gift bag.
And you are done! 2 different looks 2 different ways! Dress your gifts and packages and accessorize your friends at the same time! 

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