Gifts for boys – KRE-O Transformers

Disclaimer:I am part of the Mom it Forward blogger network. Mom it Forward and Hasbro partnered in support of this campaign. Hasbro compensated me for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are mine.  
Still looking for gifts? We had a great package arrive full of KRE-O Transformers recently and my boys freaked out! When they saw the package I heard “WHOA!! It’s transformers!” Then immediately followed by them singing the theme song, “Transformers….more than meets the eye….” They recognized the brand too, “Oh! I’ve seen these! They are Kre-O!” and “WHoA! You can make 9 in 1!??!!” Just the box was exciting to them – full of promise and fun! 
They started assembling the little guys first and loved that they had interchangable body parts and tools. Hasbro’s KRE-O Transformers lets the kids build the robots or the vehicles – using the same blocks! Each set comes with KREON figures with some of their favorite Autobots & Decepticons. There was lots of sound affects going on. Boys are just born being able to make those flying, mechanical, shooting sounds well don’t you think? It’s a boy thing.

The different sized sets have different recommended ages. The smallers ones are great for ages as young as 6 – like the Cycle Chase and Decepticon Ambush. Pst – They are great as stocking stuffers or check out the Micro-Changers Mystery bags! The figures can convert to a jet or insect (priced at $2.99). We love all the options! 

 The Destruction Site set is really fun for older kids 8+ and those that can handle building some creations a bit more complex. It’s great that they offer the easy step by step instructions to build the cool creations. BUT as with any cool building block toy there sooo many other options for creativity with these! The skies the limit! and yes I love that they fit with other building block toys too. 
KRE-O from Hasbro got my whole family involved. They were exciting to open but hours and days of fun to enjoy with after! I love a gift that encourages creative play! 

You can check out all the Hasbro and KRE-O has going on plus catch them on Social Media by visiting the Transformers Facebook page and Hasbro on Twitter! Check them our as you wrap up your Holiday Shopping! 
We love these building blocks and we love that they are ones that will grow with my kids for years! Plus the fact they intertwine some characters they love make it a double bonus! Thank you KRE-O!

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