What I wore – a good pair of jeans!

I feel like I dress “casual” everyday but my casual and other peoples are different. And that’s OK. This outfit I feel is really casual – for me anyway…ha ha ha…

A simple striped top, new jeans – straight cut, heels and little bit of small accessories. My tips for today have to do with jeans! We all know the “mom jeans” and also wearing jeans that give you a muffin top and all the styles in between. (Tip #1) Find a cut and style that look best on you. I snagged these jeans at Target (great price point too).
(Tip #2) Darker wash jeans look better and they can be dressed up with a blouse and heels easily. 
I have found that I have LOVED stripes this year. I have also found that the largest selection of tops in my closet are black or gray. So (tip #3) wear some color! Black is super safe and it’s a classic but having a whole rainbow of a selection of tops is better than having a “black and white” closet. 
Good luck shopping for jeans! Take a friend along who will give you an honest opinion or ask the store employees for advice on what cut would be most flattering on you. 

(simple jewelry)

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  1. Hy Megan,
    I have a tip too: if you don’t really need jeans right now, wait untill January when the prices will go down. At least that is how it happens in Europe, everythings costs more only because is Christmas!
    Carmen (from Italy)

  2. Those jeans look good on you and so does dark green! I love this casual outfit. I simply can not do casual outfits well.

  3. You look great in stripes!

    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

  4. Great outfit! I love stripes in any color! They are so fun and chic. 🙂

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