Angry Bird Valentine

If you've got a child who doesn't want any hearts or "lovey" Valentine's to give out AND they love Angry birds - these are for you!

Disguise a sucker into a plump angry bird!

Card stock - red, yellow, black, white, orange
Print out the pattern template for the pieces
Print out tags with saying (the tags says - I get "angry" at the lovey dovey Valentines. They are for the "birds!")
scissors / exacto knife
glue stick/hot glue gun
Tootsie Roll suckers

Step 1: Using the template cut out the pieces necessary for your bird. It's easiest to cut out the smaller pieces but breaking out those elementary school skills by folding a paper in half and cutting a heart or a circle, etc and using the template as a guide for the right size.

Step 2: Place and glue the white belly on each bird. For the red bird place the beak and eyes. For the yellow bird place the eyes right on top of the belly.

Step 3: Add the eyebrows. For the red bird - cut the top off a heart at an angle. For the yellow, add the red straight eyebrows and the beak. Cut an orange heart down the center and place according to the picture.

Step 4: Add the head and tail feathers on both birds. Make a few dots with a sharpie marker for the eyes.

Step 5: Punch a hole or cut an "X" or a cross for the sucker stick to thread through.

Wrap the card stock around the back of the sucker and add a dot of hot glue to secure it together.

Add a tag and some hot glue as well to secure it to the sucker stick.

And you are done! I'll be linking up and sharing HERE!

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UP movie Valentine

Boxed Candy hearts
White Card stock
Hot glue gun
2 helium filled balloons
Paper with printed saying

Step 1: Print the UP house printable on white card stock. Cut out along the roof line straight down the sides to the other house and along the roof line of the other.

Step 2: Take photos of your child or you pretending to hold a rope like you were floating away. Print and cut out around the body. 

Step 3: Take a candy box and the cut out UP house piece. Wrap the box with the house. 

Take your hot air balloons and place them behind the chimney. You can split up the balloons on each side or group them all together. Glue the strings into place using the glue gun and then attach the house to the candy box with the hot glue. Cut away the excess string from the balloons. 

Step 4: Print out a saying on regular paper and cut a cloud shape around it. 
Sayings could include: 
Valentine, you make me soar "UP" above the clouds!
for a teacher - Thanks for taking my education "UP" to another level!
Thanks for being someone I can look "UP" to!

attach the cloud to the string of the balloon with a bit of hot glue

attach the cut out photo as well below the cloud

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Conference Ticket GIVEAWAY!!!!

I just recently found out about a Conference here in Utah - Story @ Home. It focuses on storytelling and aren't we always telling stories? Stories of our lives, our past and our current projects - hello the world of blogging and scrapbooking!

The Conference has 3 tracks:
  • Blogging your passion and telling your story
  • Family History - from newbies to beyond
  • Storytelling - the magic of it, through photos and more

Plus it's chock FULL of amazing presenters like Rachel Herrscher (co founder of EVO and Today's Mama), Tauni Everret and C. Jane Kendrick and many more! 

I have one full conference pass to giveaway to 1 lucky reader!!! 

The conference is March 9-10, 2012 on Temple Square in Salt Lake City

to enter:
2. Tweet about it

leave a seperate comment for each here on my blog to increase you chances of winning!
Good luck!

* Don't wait to see if you've won before purchasing your conference pass! Seating is limited and the conference may sell out before a winner is announced. If you purchase a ticket and then win, you will be issued a refund for your ticket price.
* Also, Story@Home is offering a Sweetheart Special. Everyone who registers by February 14th will be entered into a drawing. The winner will receive 2 tickets (one refund for her and a ticket for someone she loves).

(The value of the pass is $79.00 for the whole weekend. It does not include meals but there will be discounts and coupons given to some of the local restaurants. The Plaza Hotel is also offering a special rate of $79.00 a night for those that need to travel.)

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Make it Monday #16

It's just another Manic Monday - OoooOOOO... Ha ha! Now you'll be singing that song! 

It's time to link up and share your Creativity!

Last week we had a record number of links - YEAH - Thank YOU!  
(secretly wondering if we will break the number from last week)
The most viewed project from last week was Simple Valentine Art from It's Overflowing

Now it's your turn! 
1. share a direct link to your tutorial
2. no shops or selling please
3. include a MAKE it MONDAY logo button or link on your blog somewhere or post

Swing back by on Tuesday. I have a ticket to giveaway to a blog conference!!!!

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Home decor - Fabric wall art

Needing to dress up your walls but don't want something permanent? or do you want something completely different that your neighbors and guests will notice and comment on when they stop by?

Well - maybe my fabric wall art tutorial is what you are looking for! 

Take a look at what my little sister did in her house using a similar technique.

I have to start with this enormous one in the dining room!

Besides lovin' the dining room this birdie at the end of the hallway just make me smile! I love the modern "trees" and the colors.

A living room wall gets a pop of color and design!

And she's even added some fun in the bathroom!
(psst! she used my medallion pattern you can get here)

I always love to see how you create something from my tutorials! Please post and share photos on my Facebook wall, if you blog about it - send me the link, or email me!

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What I wore Wednesday - faux fur

I haven't participated in What I Wore Wednesday in a long time! And since I have been getting some questions from you - my readers - on Facebook about what I wear and accessorizing, I thought I'd jump back in and share.

I have also been challenging myself to wear what's in my closet! I know that sounds funny but I do have some tops that I just ADORE but don't really wear. SO - I have been going through my closet and trying NOT duplicate some of my comfy, easy to wear tops that I might pull out to wear more often.

Here's an easy outfit I wore this week.
Skinny jeans
White long sleeved Tee (everyone's got one of these!)

and how to take it to the next level? I layered it with a faux fur vest and some brown boots. Perfect for the snowy January here in Utah!

And of course accessories! I paired it with some gold dangle earrings, a brown necklace worn long and my metallic leather cuff. Easy and comfortable but it looks pulled together (well to me anyway) wink....

pleated poppy

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Valentine - Got my EYE on you

Here's a quick easy Valentine that will surprise who ever receives it! 

Valentine, I've got my eye on you!

And this one is so easy I'd thought I'd show you how to make it via a video tutorial. Enjoy! 

If you give it a try - please share a photo on the Brassy apple Facebook wall or send me a link to your blog post about it! 
I will be linking up here

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Make it Monday #15

Time to share your creativity with Make it Monday!
Last week's most viewed link was from Uncommon Designs:

Hop over there and see what she did with some Christmas clearance! 

1. share a direct link to your tutorial
2. no shops or selling please
3. include a MAKE it MONDAY logo button or link on your blog somewhere or post

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Winner - 6 scarves gvieaway!

Thanks for all the entries and blog followers! The winner of the 6 scarves giveaway as a Thank YOU for to all my blog followers is:


Don't forget you can link up and share your creativity later today starting at 6pm (MST) for Make IT Monday!

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Star Wars Valentine

I wanted to create some Valentine's that weren't all about love for my little guy (or little girl) to hand out and something that fit his personality too! Plus as a mom I am sort of giddy that it's not a candy treat he is handing out! 
Here's how you can be the hero of the galaxy too! 


Print off the ready made cards HERE on card stock
scissors or a paper cutter
clear tape
glow sticks

Step 1: Print off the cards and cut them apart. Each page comes with 2 (the original had 3 but it went all wonky so when I tapered it down it 2 it seems to come out fine).
Step 2: Make a slit in the cardstock right at the top of the lightsaber - about 1/2" - 3/4" long. Wide enough for the glow stick to be able to slip through. I used my paper cutter to make the slit but you could use an exacto knife or other cutting device too. 

Step 3: Slip the glow stick into the hole - be careful not to pop/activate the stick! Then place the bracelet attachment on the end in the back and secure into place with a bit of tape! 
Have your little cutie fill in their name and they are ready to hand out!

 If you give this a try - let me know! 

I'll be linking up here!

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Mustache Valentine

Valentines are really fun to make and get creative with! Here's an idea we did last year. They were fun to mail out to Grandma's and Grandpa's. 

A simple photo with some mustaches and a little tape to keep them in place. Then a quick edit session in photoshop, picnik or whatever you like to use! I like to use the 1 hour service to print out my photos for cheap too! 

These Valentines are sure to get a laugh and to be remembered! 
 ~ more Valentines ideas coming over the next several days! Don't miss them! ~

I will be linking up here and sharing my idea!

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Blogging Tips - start, grow & build your blog

Now that we are a few weeks into the New Year - how are those resolutions going? Do you still have some you haven't gotten to yet? or maybe some you aren't sure how to go about them. 

If one of those things is starting a blog or building/growing your blog, I found these helpful articles on this subject and thought I'd share! Oh those things you wish you knew when you started! They are worth the read! 

A great how to for the beginner from The Blog Guidebook

A helpful overview to grow from where you are from Creative Kristi

Insight and wisdom from someone who knows - See what The Inspired Room learned about blogging from 2011.

One of my favorites - Blogging predictions from Mom Blog Magazine

And we CAN'T forget about social media - it's a HUGE part of blogging and business now!
The Nester shares some GREAT advice on how to harness the power of Pinterest

and if you are still trying to figure out Pinterest, Lasso the Moon shares some tips!

I hope you find these helpful!

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