Top 5 link ups + winner

Happy Friday! I've been entertaining family for the last week and wrapping up projects! Spring Break is finally headed our way! 

Just wanted to share the top 5 most clicked links from Make it Monday this week! Was 1 of them your favorite or even YOUR project? 

Also - the lucky winner of the You Love Deals scarf giveaway is - 


Enjoy your weekend and be ready to share your creativity on Make it Monday! 

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Farmhouse Chic DIY decor

The best thing about your own space - is just that. It's YOUR own space. We all have different styles and we get to create the mood, feeling, etc that we want for each room in our home.

My mom has recently gone for a Farmhouse Chic feel and I wanted to share some photos from her house I snapped to share! All these ideas can be replicated easily. Most importantly - love the space you are in! Surround yourself with items that matter to you, that you love, that resonate with you for whatever reason. 

These vintage suitcases double as the weekly newspaper bin holder. The top suitcase belonged to my grandpa so it's sentimental and functional too. So much better than sitting a closet.

I love the look of a bare lampshade. And any "ugly" lampshade with the right structure underneath at a second hand store can be torn apart and made into this!

pssst...did you notice the red weather gate behind the table? Just a fun pop of color and texture! 

Onto the Kitchen! White bead board paneling and a red trimmed out window makes it POP!

and how can you not notice this custom light over the sink! Love it!

She used the window space to display come great colored ceramics and these cheese graters that belonged to her mother. 

An old rake head turned into a display for kitchen tools and makes them easy to access when they are needed instead of all piled in a drawer.

This is one of my favorite pieces! It's a mirrored closet door that she painted in this yummy mustard yellow and then attached the antique door hardware. It's just casually leaned against the wall in the living room. It reflects light beautifully and is such a large statement piece.

A brilliant solution  to a glass paneled door - cover the glass on the inside with fabric! Just use a little liquid starch to adhere it. This door leads into a walk in pantry so no matter how "messy" it may get you'll never see it. Plus I love the contrast of colors and pattern.

And one last detail to show you! She created a "cornice" board over her front window by using sliding shutter doors. They are interesting and add texture to the space.

Thanks for taking a tour with me through my Mom's Farmhouse Chic home! (pin it if you like it!)

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Wrapping up the last 3 months!

What an adventure! If you've followed me here (or Facebook/twitter) then you've heard me talk about "this play" I've been involved with for the last 3 months. It kept me insanely busy for a while and there was always something to be done for it, tweaked, discussed, made, etc. BUT - it was A LOT of fun!

I gave of my time for the elementary school musical. 90 kids singing and dancing in Alice in Wonderland with a Preshow of an enhanced version of Oh the Places You'll go! 

5 performances packed into 4 days and as of last night it's all done!

We tend to say - "I don't have time for that." I never said that but just jumped in for the challenge and the experience. Sure I am busy and yes it was hard to juggle everything sometimes but I wouldn't trade it for the experience it gave me with this awesome group of kids and my chance to be a tiny part of that. 

They won't remember the 3 months of practices everyday before school....they won't remember the long days of performances and rehearsals....they probably won't even remember me.....BUT they will remember how they felt on stage....they will remember being in the spotlight, having a crowd cheer, singing like a rock star and all the fun games they got to play backstage. And that makes it all worth it!

(pssst....there's always time to do good)

So - what's my next adventure/project? there's always something brewing or up my sleeve! stay tuned....

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Make it Monday + You love deals GIVE AWAY

It's Make it Monday time! Your chance to show off your creativity and talent! 

This week you can also get in on the giveaway from You Love Deals! 
They are giving away 1 scarf to a lucky reader! 

Simply visit their site - come back here and leave a comment on what 1 of your favorite products! 

Earn a 2nd entry by linking up a project - leave a 2nd comment! 

Link up and enter the giveaway! 
(direct links only, free tutorials, no shop or selling...)
pssssst! ALL my readers can get a free gift by entering the code - brassy12
Don't miss out! 

you can also keep up with what You Love Deals is doing on Facebook

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Winner - Daisy Decals

The 2 lucky readers that will win a decal of their choice from the Daisy Decals giveaway are: 


Congrats!!! Thank you Daisy Decals for the giveaway!

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Retro Typewriter DIY Message Board

Add a quick message board to your kitchen, office or whatever space needs one! 

Clear free standing frame
colored card stock
Daisy Decal (retro typewriter)
dry erase marker

Apply the decal to the front of the frame using the instructions that are sent with the decal. (I wasn't thinking and I applied mine to my colored paper - hello!!!?? what was I thinking! LOL) Don't do what I did....

The dry erase marker wipes off easily and is a great option for adding notes!

Enter the Daisy Decals giveaway here to create something fun of your own! Giveaway ends this Friday.

I'll be linking up and sharing HERE.

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What I Wore Wednesday - solid color

Recently a woman said to me - "Are you into fashion or something? I just get up in the morning and get dressed.".....I thought to myself - well I just get up in the morning too and get dressed. Don't we all??

I don't feel like I do anything special or different but I do get up everyday and get dressed - head to toe. I like the frame of mind it puts in me and how it makes me feel. 

We had a couple of nice Spring days last week and I actually was able to put on a pair of capris. (woot!woot) The weather didn't last so long. Half way through the day I had changed into pants! 

I am sharing these photos today to show how simple "getting dressed" can be. My top is a solid color. No patterns or anything fancy.

I paired the outfit with some sandals that had some fun detailing to them (bought from Kohl's OFFSEASON for SUPER cheap!)

and then layered on some accessories - Gray necklace (charolette russe), dangle earrings, coral large flower ring (groopdealz find). 

I will be linking up on The Pleated Poppy - What I wore Wednesday.

pleated poppy

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Audrey Hepburn quote DIY project

I love Audrey Hepburn.She's a classic American Beauty. I created this framed artwork for my office using the a retro vinyl cutout from Daisy Decals

I simply applied the decal to the bottom of the glass using the instructions they sent. Then I printed out this saying  using Word, popped it into the frame, and VOILA! I can easily change out the saying whenever I'd like.

Enter the giveaway from Daisy Decals here to create something fun of your own! 
Giveaway ends this Friday.

I will be linking up here

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Make it Monday + Daisy Decals GIVEAWAY

It's Make it Monday time! Your chance to share, get motivated and inspired for the coming week!

This weeks link up party goes hand in hand with a giveaway from Daisy Decals!

 Cute retro vinyl decals that can go anywhere! I'll be sharing 2 projects this week I did with some vinyl from Daisy Decals.

2 winners will receive the decal of choice! 
Just pop over to the Daisy Decal shop, pick your favorite and tell me what it is HERE in the comment section! 
You can get a second entry by linking up - leave a 2nd comment that you did!
(giveaway winner announced this FRIDAY)


1. share a direct link to your tutorial
2. no shops or selling please (not allowed)
3. include a MAKE it MONDAY logo button or link on your blog somewhere or post

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Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest - OH MY!

I enjoy blogging....It's my daily share of projects, ideas and tutorials all cataloged here to enjoy at any time. 

BUT - I LOVE to interact with YOU several times a day via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest too! 

SO - if you haven't "liked" the Brassy Apple Facebook Page yet - I'd love it if you did. I share several peeks in to my day, throw out questions so we can exchange ideas back for forth, ask for your advice and let you laugh at me too with my silly craft fails, mistakes and funny quips throughout my day. 

Let's connect on another level! 

In other news - it is National Crafting Month and Fave Crafts is hosting links and giveaway all month long! The current link up is Fashion! I've linked up a few projects and you can too! Or just find some fun new tutorials to PIN!

and the winner of the box of fun worth $75.00 from the Pick your Plum giveaway is:

David and Lindsay

Congrats! watch for my email!

There will be another giveaway on Monday!! Can't wait to share what it is!

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Story @ Home Conference recap!

I took the opportunity to attend a new conference this past weekend - the Story @ Home conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was amazing!!! I've been to some blogging conferences, some business conferences, etc but not a conference for telling stories - the art of it, the importance of it, the impact it can have....
As bloggers we tell stories all the time. I walked away from this conference inspired, uplifted and sooo glad I went! 

And it found that the wide range of speakers and classes catered to people of all ages and interests. Although the focus may not have been a typical conference for me attend, I walked away with so many ideas and a fresh perspective for my business and blog.

Rustin the CEO of Blog Frog was one of the speakers. He shared his business story the 10 reasons to write your story. I was furiously scribbling notes the entire time! I took the chance to introduce myself after wards and I can say he is genuinely a good guy. I was very impressed.

C. Jane and her husband put on a quite a show and their topic of how blogging has changed their lives. She is a wonderful writer and I loved the way she talked too. We even got the sing Happy Birthday to her! 

This lady had everyone rollin' in the aisles and crying because we were laughing so hard!!! If you get a chance to hear her Penny Candy story and song - it will be well worth it. 

Day 1 was rounded out by Rachael Herrscher of Todays Mama. I loved her perspective on Changing your "lens" as you go through life. 

I can't give you all the juicey tidbits I scribbled and the gems of wisdom they shared but I did share a few this weekend on twitter and my FB page. (lucky you if you follow me!)

There was time to write and story prompts to get us thinking, chatting and jogging our memories.

And then of course it's not only the things you learn, hear and feel inspired to do but it's the people you meet! I got to meet Lori of Inspired by Pinterest Web Show and Wendy of the Books & Crafts Web Show. Plus these ladies do so many other things - they are sooo talented! We lunched together and I can't wait to meet up with them again!

I know conferences take time and money and sometimes (or most of the time) travel too! but hopefully it will be worth it for you! I recommend everyone - blogger or not - to take advantage of the different types of conferences in your area or in on a topic that you are interested in. Like I said - it's not always easy to get away - but hopefully it will be worth it!

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What I wore Wednesday + hair tip!

Today's WIWW is something everyone can do!
The basics - denim with a white top - everyone has this right?
So to take it to the next level and make it more my style I simple popped it with this hot pink scarf (and neons are soooo trendy right now).

The trick to wearing neons is to pair it with a neutral. The white shirt is the neutral and I am merely popping my outfit with the neon instead of wearing it head to toe.

Also - when we head into the warmer months the way you wear a scarf makes a difference. I didn't wrap it tightly around my neck like I am trying to keep warm in cold weather. That could look out of place. BUT I wrapped it loosely so it has more of an open or airy feel to it.

Skinny's and leopard flats takes my outfit from head to toe with some color, fun and interest. Oh and I folded up my skinny's to give them a Spring feel!

easy right? totally doable. I did add my gold button ring with a green center ( love a color contrast instead of all matchy matchy and a brown bracelet).

NOW - onto my hair tip!!! Did you notice my hair is lighter?? I haven't done the "blond" thing in a while. Here's my hair tip - I like my my thinner, stick straight hair to have some volume and texture. And I do love it when my color is darker. So I get highlights in my hair (My stylist does a heavy/semi chunky color weave in it). The highlights lift the hair and pump up the hair shaft giving me lift, volume and and the texture I crave :)
Then I go over the highlights with a brown color. The highlighted hair takes the color different so it creates "low lights" in my hair with depth and dimension instead of an overall "flat" color.

That's how I got the color in this picture. Except then my brown had a tint of red in it :)

 I haven't had blond highlights for awhile so I'm keeping it for today....but I am sure I will be back to my darker hair color soon!
pleated poppy

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