4 knocked off dresses - sewing for girls

Hello all!
I'm Christine, head author at the Crafty Woman.
You've probably seen cute little ads for some of these dresses as you blog hop.
Which means you might have also seen the price tag that goes with them.
I have 4 daughters and can't afford justify $60-$100 per dress.

the Crafty Woman compiled 4 individual tutorials
(3 by me, 1 by C.W. contributor Bryttan) 
that are "knockoffs" based off dresses sold by two high end retailers.
I did my best to make these SUMMER-Y and QUICK!
And most importantly, INEXPENSIVE!

Thank you to Megan for having us
and thank you in advance for stopping by our brand new blog!
Click on the price to see either the original or the tutorial!

The Patio Dress

Nautical and Nice

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You're so Invited - GIVEAWAY!

If you are ready to get your "Entertaining on" this Summer - heck or anytime of year - you will LOooooVE this book! 
You're so invited by Cheryl will have you creating a great meal, a wonderful atmosphere and memories that last a lifetime. 

GIVEAWAY - 1 lucky reader wins a signed copy of her book! 

I had the opportunity to meet and hear from Cheryl at Snap! the conference in April. She spoke of her desire to share her ideas and create wonderful experiences around food for others that she had experienced in her own life. 

"It's not about being perfect....it's about your guests" She told us to take the emphasis off of ourselves and think about how our guests will feel....what do or would they enjoy?

Cheryl's book just came out yesterday!
simply leave a comment telling me your favorite time of year to entertain and/or a type of party/dinner you love to throw or host!

you can find and follow Cheryl on
and her site

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DIY Drawstring Backpacks - sewing for kids

Hey Brassy Apple fans, this is Steph from Crafting in the Rain, and I'm hoping my Summer of Skills project will also Save Our Souls while on a 17 hour (plus stops) drive to Southern California where we'll visit family, visit the beach, relax, and of course visit Disneyland.  
These bags will hold activities, books, and treats for them while we're driving, and then they can carry their own snacks and water while we're traipsing around Disneyland. Materials Kitchen towels (1 for each backpack...$1.25 at Craft Warehouse...make sure it's kind of sturdy, don't use flour sack towels for this) Thin cording or thin ribbon 2 pieces for each bag (I used 1/8 inch ribbon) Each needs to be twice the width of your bag plus 14 inches.   Fabric paint or fabric medium to add to acrylic paint Freezer paper for stenciling Step 1: Fold towel in half (hamburger way...top to bottom :) with right sides together and sew up each side, stopping about 2 inches from the top...back stitch. Step 2: Where you stopped sewing, fold each side back and sew it down on itself.  Fold the top down about half an inch, so it meets up with where you stopped the side seam.  
Pin and sew close to the edge. (This is your casing for the ribbon)  Turn bag right side out.
Step 3: Measure how much ribbon you'll need--Twice the width of the top of the bag plus 14 inches.  My bag was 16.5 inches wide (so 16.5 x 2 =33 + 14 =47) Pin a safety pin to the end of your ribbon and start feeding it through the casing--One piece will go clockwise through the front and back, the other piece will go counter-clockwise.  You'll end up with the two ends of one piece coming out one side, and the two ends of the other piece coming out the other side, like this.  
Step 4: Attach ribbon to the side of the bag by unpicking a small part of the seam about 6.5 inches down from the top and sticking the ribbon ends in.  Sew them in securely (stitch over the section a few times)  This will also close up the hole you just made.  Do this on both sides of the bag.  When you pull on the ribbons to close the bag, you now have the shoulder straps to wear it as a backpack.
Step 5: Add stencil if you're doing one (if not, your bag is done--pull on those strings and feel quite satisfied that it works to cinch up the bag!)  I cut my stencils with my digital cutter. You could also cut one using scissors or an exacto knife. Make sure you design your image with the shiny side of the freezer paper down.  With a medium hot dry iron, press the stencil down on your bag.  Put a piece of wax paper inside your bag so the paint doesn't bleed through to the back.  
I bought some DecoArt fabric medium so I could use paint colors I already had at home.  Mix 2 parts paint with 1 part medium.  Paint the fabric inside the stencil using an up and down motion so you don't accidentally force any paint under the stencil.  I'm always impatient and hurry the drying with a hair dryer.  Peel off the freezer paper and admire your work!
I let each of my kids choose their shape and color they wanted, and they're so excited to get to use them this summer.   
Thanks for checking out my project today, and if you liked it, you might like some of my other creations like 

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Make it Monday #33

Happy Holiday weekend!!!
It's time to link up share and your creativity! There are 2 different sections - Refashion/sewing & DIY/Creative tutorials. 
Last weeks top 3 most clicked on links were:

1. share a direct link to your tutorial
2. no shops or selling
3. include a MAKE it MONDAY logo button or link on your blog or post

Let's see it! I love to further promote some of the projects and share them on the Brassy Apple Facebook Page 

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Dear Photograph #2

If you missed my first photo you can find it here

Dear Photograph is a fun photographic way to bring the past and present together. I'll be entering my photo into this giveaway on Ella Publishing.

Dear Photograph, 
I once lived on this street and played on these sidewalks. Trying to recreate this photo brought about the opportunity to meet the current owners of the house where I used to live and he even offered me a tour. 

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Cloud game - Craft for kids

Hey Brassy readers! I hope you are enjoying the 1st week of SOS -summer of skills - posts! I wanted to pop in here and share 1 of my own this week! 

I think every kid looks at the clouds and sees a shape. An animal, a person, a type of vehicle, etc. It's so fun to find these "pictures" in the clouds but sometimes hard for others to see the same thing. With this fun game - everyone will be able to see exactly what they see! 

Cloud pictures
Cover sheets
dry erase markers

Step 1: Take some pictures of the clouds outside. If your kids are old enough, let them take the photos! It allows them to be part of this creative process and capture some shots they like! Just lay down on the grass and start snapping!

Step 2: Copy the cloud pictures into Word or a similar program to resize and print out. You can put 2 cloud pictures on a page or just 1. And don't be afraid to flip or turn the photo. Who's to say it's upside down??? Then slip the printed papers into the plastic cover sheets.

Step 3: Using a dry erase marker start drawing those pictures you see in the clouds! Then pass them to a friend and let them create what they see in the same cloud! (and yes this is for kids but I love to doodle just as much as they do!)

When you are done the cover sheet wipes clean easily with a napkin for use another time! 

Have fun! These are great for anytime, car travel, quiet time (during church), etc.
I'll be linking up and sharing this game HERE

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Summer Towel Wrap - Sewing for kids

Hi, everyone!!  Nadine from The Material Girls Quilts here.  First I want to Thank Megan for having us. I love Summer and all the great things that inspire me to create.  My tutorial is for a Summer towel wrap,  I made mine for a my neighbor's little girl Olivia.  We have a pool and I have made these in the past and people love them.  Depending on the size of the person you are making it for a regular bath towel will work.
I start with one bath towel,  fat quarter of fabric to match,  1 1/2 yards of rick rack.  3/4 yard of 1 inch elastic. and 4 inches of sew in velcro 3/4" wide (keep in mind that you can add straps or more embellishments than I did)  I have made them with a ruffle at the bottom, and for a little boy just add a basketball, a monster or whatever.    I measured Olivia,  I needed about 13 inches.  I then trimmed my towel to 30" long.  I serged the edge so that it wouldn't fray.)  This is the edge that is underneath.

Measure off how long you want it.  We decided to keep this one longer so that when she got out of the pool it covered most of her  (20" inches long is what we needed).  Measure from under the armpit to where you want it to hit.  To that measurement add 1 1/2 inches for your elastic casing. Cut off excess towel.  I used a serger to finish my edge but you could zig zag the edge to keep it from unraveling.
Press under 1 1/2" on the top edge, this will be your casing for the elastic
Now before you stitch down the casing you will want to add the velcro.  Cut a 4" strip.  sew the hook    side (roughest piece)  1" from the edge of the towel. that will be the underneath of the towel (this is also the edge that you cut off)   Stitch all the way around the edge of the velcro,  add the other piece to the top of the wrap sewing all the way around the velcro.
Once that is done you will want to stitch your casing down.  Stitch about a 1/4 inch in from the edge.
Using a saftey pin, thread elastic through the casing,   Tighten to fit, and sew the open ends closed being sure to catch the ends of the elastic in your seams.  
To embellish I added rick rack to the front edge, and all the way around the bottom  I added it 3 1/2" from the bottom edge.  Stitch in place.  I then traced the letter "O" from one of the fonts off of my word program.  Trace it backwards on to Heat and Bond, and press in to desired place,  I then used my Sizzix and cut out some flowers and ironed them on in various places.  I did stitch all the added pieces down even though I used Heat and Bond this takes a lot of wear and tear and wanted my pieces to stay on so I stitched them all down just around the outside edge.
Measure 3 1/2" from bottom for the rick rack.
Adding an O for Olivia
Place flowers, letter where you want them and Press!
I then added buttons to the center of the flowers.  Olivia is ready to come over and swim and be styling in her new cover up!!  Thanks so much for having us Megan!!  Come visit us at our blog!
The Material Girls Quilts

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Dear Photograph #1

I recently heard about this site - Dear Photograph - and giveaway for the book from Ella Publishing. Loving to take photographs, and the concept behind Dear Photograph and the love of a good challenge - I jumped on the chance to enter! 

Here's one of my photos. 

Dear Photograph,
This house holds so many memories and good times. The landscape has changed and I wonder how much the inside has. 


I'll be sharing some other photos I re-created with the Dear Photograph theme in mind. 
Can you pick out which one is me....?

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Paint Chip game - Craft for kids

SOS - Summer of Skills!!! Sharing ideas from now through the end of July to keep you full of IDEAS all summer long! 1st up is Sew Fantastic!
Want another fun Paint Chip craft? 
Ok how about an Easy one?
This is one of my daughter's new favorite matching games and it was super easy to make as you can tell!

Chose some Paint Chip colors....yes once again a hard decision so i decided to do the rainbow colors!

Grab your hot glue gun and a pair of scissors

And last some clothespins 

I  cut of the sides of the paint chip that had words and numbers on it.

Then i cut a little piece from each of the color shades and glued them each onto a clothespin

I also mounted the color pieces onto poster board to make it a little firmer, if your really into it you could also laminate them but i wasn't feeling that ambitious.

And there you have it!

And let the fun begin!

As you can tell we're still kind of working on the whole "matching" colors thing,but it won't take long!

For Hailey I definitely know this will keep her busy for awhile!

"Hi I’m Julianne author of the blog Sew Fantastic, I’m wife to an amazing hubby, and mommy to one fun very energetic 2 year old, who always keeps me on my toes!
I started  my blog almost a year ago and I have so much fun making full tutorials of the things I create, and hope that I in some way  inspire others to sew, craft and create beautiful things too!"
This paint chip game has not only been great fun for my daughter on those long rainy days we get here in Washington but as also really helped her with matching colors, so it  was a win –win with this fun craft, I hope your kids can enjoy it as much as little miss Hailey did!!

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