Kaboo bag - WINNERS!

Thank you for all the entries into the Kaboo Bags giveaway! I wish I could give one to everyone because they are so fabulous! 

I let Random.org choose the winners for me and the lucky winners are


(the winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize - then new winners will be chosen!)
A HUGE thank you to Kaboo for offering the giveaway to my readers!

I have another giveaway on Monday for anyone up for a challenge and a chance to come and play with me! 
See you Monday!

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DownEast Home and Modest Fashion

I love a wardrobe that is versatile and I love to have basic pieces that I can layer and statement pieces. The same goes for the decor in my home. I love to switch it up several times a year and change out what is in different vases and containers. 

And DownEast Home has the versatility and style I am looking for in my wardrobe AND decor! (I love it when a store can give me both!)

I recently purchased this fabulous knit skirt from DownEast Home. It's navy blue but they had it another color and stripe too! swoon! I almost bought the striped one! 

I love this skirt for the length and how comfortable it is! Seriously - you would not believe it. BUT it's also sooo versatile too! Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter I can wear this skirt to change up my look! It can be dressy or casual too!
I also love their basic tops for layering. It's a great way to add a pop of color and also gives me the length of need so I can bend and move and not show too much. (I know you know what I mean!) I can't tell you how many tops in different colors I have but I just added this bright yellow one to my wardrobe! Love it paired with so many colors! 

DownEast Home is featuring Influences from the Far East in their decor for the month of July. You can catch pieces many pieces that will fit in your decor. I found this great orange table which I think would be great for indoors or outside! 

and this bench has a great eclectic feel to it. I also love how it looks a bit weathered. 

There are also classic pieces for your entry or living room as well! 

If you haven't given DownEast Home a try - I highly recommend it!
You can find a location nearest you
and you can always find current and up to date information from:
 DownEast Home on Facebook 
and Twitter

Do you shop DownEast Home as well? What's one of your favorite things? 
Get your "fash-on" with me! 

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Refashioned patriotic headbands - 4th of July

Please welcome Bless this Mess and her patriotic tutorial today! 
Good morning ladies. I hope summer is treating you right and you are as excited for the 4th of July as I am. One of my favorite parts of the summer season is all of the parades. Town parades, kid bike rallies, and a plethora of other fun events that drag us out of our cool homes and into the warm sunshine to mingle with neighbors. I adore these types of functions. 

I wanted to show you a quick, cheap, and easy way to add a little patriotic touch to your outfit without too much time or commitment. These are adorable on kids too.

Red, White and Blue Headbands made from a T-shirt

What you'll need:
Red, white, and blue t-shirts
Safety Pin
Hot Glue Gun

How to do it:

1. Collect your t-shirts. I love to buy t-shirts for projects like this at garage sales. I'll normally pick them up for around $0.25 each. No need to spend more dollars than needed. This is a perfect way to use old or stained shirts too. The appeal of using a t-shirt is the material. They are knit which means they edges don't fray when cut.

2. Lay your shirt out flat and cut a strip of material from the bottom to the shoulder. This is a great way to get the most length out of a smaller t-shirt. The seam at the top connects the front fabric to the back and you get double the length of your shirt. If your shirt is extra big you might not need to do this. I never get too crazy with measuring... just make sure it will be long enough to go around your noggin. The width depends on how thick you'd like the end product. I was after smaller braids and so my strips are about an inch to an inch and a half wide. This project is so forgiving... just play with it to see what you like.

3. Repeat with your other t-shirts to get all of the colors and numbers of strips that you need.

4. Braid.

I did a few different types of headbands. One was a traditional three-stand braid using red, white, and blue material. The second was a four-strand braid using white, white, blue, and red (I used a graphic off of this website to do the four-strand braiding and it was very easy to follow). The four-strand braid I left nice and loose which makes it look very different from the others. For the third headband I used red for a braid, blue for a braid, and then white for a braid and just had them next to each other. 

When you are ready to braid, I found it easiest to collect one end of all of the fabric strips and run the ends through a safety pin. I then attached the safety pin to the knee of my jeans. This helped the braid to stay put and I could pull on it without it moving. 

5. When your braid is long enough to fit around your head, trim off any extra length. 

6. Cut a piece of t-shirt that will cover all of your ends. Mine were generally 3 inches long and 2.5 inches tall. Lay the t-shirt piece down and place your braid ends on top of it. Use the hot glue to hold them down. Glue both ends of your shirt square down so that all the ends are covered.

Ta-da! Wasn't that easy? Let the glue cool and you are ready to wear your new headband.

I love versatile projects, so when I was thinking on this one I thought of other options for you. This would be a fun thing to make at camp, for family reunions, or for a sports team. The color options are only limited by the t-shirts you find to use. Seriously, you could really go wild with this idea. Matching t-ball headbands anyone?!

I would LOVE for you to stop by and say hi. I'm Melissa and I'm blogging over at Bless This Mess.

I'm newer to blogging, but am in love with the whole thing. We are living in a train-wreck of a house while remodeling, I just finished an 8.5 month stint of washing dishes in a bucket for my family of 5 and acquired my first brood of backyard chickens. I share amazing things we've found in the walls of our house, my favorite recipes, furniture re-dos, and my thoughts on life. I love meeting new people, so introduce yourself :)

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Kaboo Bags giveaway!

**GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED*** kaboobags.com

Let me introduce you to Kaboo! Their bags are amazing! I was lucky enough to receive the Riley bag in Pearl and also 2 other handbags to GIVEAWAY to you - My awesome wonderful, stylish readers - yup! that's YOU! 
 (here's my bag! I added a bit of bling to make it my own)

Kaboo is a fashion bag with a tech pouch for your ipad, nook or any of the electronic gadgets we tote around each day. They are made to keep these devices safe and secure, easy to access and of course stylish! 
I am smitten with the chevron lining in the bags and all the wonderful compartments and pockets. It keeps me organized. I also LOVE that I can feel comfortable carrying around my DSLR camera in these bags too! That was a HUGE plus for me! 

I have used my Kaboo bag while shopping, at blogging events to carry my camera my around and even church! My notebooks, papers and items to keep the kids busy all fit! I know you will love Kaboo as much as I do!

Kaboo wants to giveaway the Tina in mustard yellow

 and the Olivia in turquoise
so get entering!!! I can't wait for you enjoy them! 

Each person can leave up to 5 separate comments…increasing your chances of winning!
(LEAVE a comment for each!)

1.(required) Leave a comment here with what you like about the Kaboo bags.

2.Facebook or Tweet about the giveaway and come back and leave a comment below
saying you did.
3.Follow Kaboo Products on Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/kabooproducts
4.Visit the Kaboo website and PIN your favorite bag(s) to Pinterest
5.Visit Kaboo website and post on the Kaboo Facebook page which bag is your favorite and why!

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DIY 4th of July firecrackers decor

Hi Brassy Apple  visitors.  I am so excited to be here today with the SOS summer party series.   
 I am Adrienne from Free Time Frolics. I like to blog about Sewing, Crafting, Food and Fun. Today I am going to to show you how to make Firecrackers for a Table Centerpiece. 

2 glass vases in different sizes ( I found mine at Michaels)
1 inch ribbon about 1 1/2 yards
Glass beads (dollar store)
2 Tinsel from table weights (dollar store)
Glue Dots

Burn the edges of your ribbon with a match to ensure the ribbon does not fray.
Add to glue dots to the edge of the ribbon

Stick the glue dots with the ribbon running along the top edge of the vase

Wrap the ribbon around the vase.  Cut your ribbon to the length needed.  Cut and burn the edge of ribbon.  Use to glue dots to glue ribbon down.

Repeat for the bottom of the vase.

Fill your vase with blue glass beads
Next take your table weight and remove the tinsel.  Place your tinsel down the center of the beads.Voile you have your Firecracker.  Now repeat the process for your second Firecracker.
To show off my project I added a white glitter star and a charger plate to keep them on.

I am so excited to celebrate America's Birthday.  Here in Idaho we have warm days, cool nights and fantastic Fireworks for the holiday. It is a true blessing to live in this great country. I hope you all have a fantastic holiday!!
Thank you Megan for having me over for a visit.  I {Heart} Brassy Apple.  
I would love for you all to come visit me in your Free Time. Or you can find me here. Facebook, Twitter, or Pintrest
Free Time Frolics

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Promo for my new show - Refashion it!

(insert a squeal here!)
I am super excited to be able to share the Promo I filmed for my new show! It's the first peek into my Refashion it show that will air on MyCraftChannel.com

Check it out here and let me know what you think!!! Click me click me click me!

Be sure to share it with your Refashion savvy friends too! The more the merrier! 
You can catch my first episode to air on July 6th - so mark your calendars!
Will you be joining me? Come on - let's Refashion!!!

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DIY link party - Make it Monday #37

Make it Monday is your chance to link up and share your creativity! There are 2 different sections - Refashion/sewing & DIY/Creative tutorials. 
Last weeks top 3 most clicked on links were:

Other DIY/Creative
1. share a direct link to your tutorial
2. no shops or selling
3. include a MAKE it MONDAY logo button or link on your blog somewhere or post

Let's see it! I love to further promote some of the projects and share them on the Brassy Apple Facebook Page

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KSL 5 TV - behind the scences

I had the great opportunity to meet the KSL Channel 5 newsteam this week. They wanted to meet some local bloggers and show us around their "turf" and how they deliver the current topics and work it behind the scenes.

One of the really fun things that each blogger there got to do was film a short "news clip" with a fellow blogger. I hooked up with Emily of Is this Really My Life. We read over the script that would be on the tele-promter and then went for it!

 Jazz hands!!!

Here's our news clip with a bit of our own humor and personality thrown in! LOL. I guess you won't be seeing us as news anchors anytime soon (wink). 

We also got the chance to be on the Nightside Radio show there at KSL too! They have a segment called "Ask a woman" and we had about 7 women in there to ask for our segment. 

A HUGE thank you to KSL for hosting, answering our questions, showing us around and taking the time to get to know us! One of the anchors asked me what I blogged about it and I said, "Mainly about Refashioning." He said, "oh" and nodded his head, then he said, "Wait what did you say?!?" LOL! I had to laugh - at least he was honest! So I got to tell him all about refashioning!

Thanks to Emily and Natalie of the KSL 5 team for sharing pictures!

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