Clear the Air Challenge!

I recently got to attend the kick off event and press conference for the Clear the Air Challenge here in Utah at the Hogle Zoo. 

Clear the Air is a month long event of incorporating TravelWise strategies for your daily life. Like no car idling at pick ups, walking/biking short distances instead of taking your car, carpooling and more! 

PLUS you can join the TodaysMama TEAM, track your progress and help this Team come out on top! You can help clear the air and improve the air quality by just tweaking your thinking!

So jump on board and help make the air better! Spread the word and have fun doing your part for the month of August! 
Pop over to see what others are doing and find out more on Facebook! Tell them I sent ya! *winks*

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The Slash Blog - spreading the word!

Meet Nichelle and Elise. Nichelle blogs at Vintage Wanna Bee and Elise blogs at Elise's Pieces
They are BFFs and they think they are way funny slash, they are actually pretty funny.

Elise and Nichelle met in a Women's Organization that focused on personal growth, faith and sisterhood. After becoming besties, and realizing they blog were obsessed with blogging, they decided to create 

The Slash Blog is a sisterhood that focuses on faith, friendship, service and sisterhood. 

The Slash Blog is officially live as of yeasterday! Head on over to check out this new blog that focuses on and is based on friendship. Elise slash Nichelle invite you to join along with their Weekly Inspirations, Weekly Challenges, Weekly Uplifting Printables, Monthly Serviced Projects and more! Head on over to the blog, 'Join The Sisterhood', or just come by to get a smile or a laugh! 

Check out The Slash Blog here:

The Slash Blog is also having a "Slash Bash" in honor of the new blog launch!
If you are in Northern Utah, or Southern Idaho, Elise slash Nichelle invite you to come to this Super Awesome Blog Party! Please RSVP on the facebook event here. 

If you would like to get involved, have questions, want to say hello, have a funny joke, or have a charity or organization you would like to see on The Slash Blog, you can send an email to The Slash Girls at:

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Magical World of fairies - WINX!

This post brought to you by Winx Club Deluxe. All opinions are 100% mine.
We love magic and make believe at our house! And my daughter like lots of other little girls, has grown up loving dolls, fairies and make believe. 
I was very excited to find out that Nickelodean has created a Winx Club Deluxe doll line that is available at Walmart! We have loved the show and watching the fairies battle evil. I think Bloom has always been a personal favorite around here. Playing make believe and entering that magical world is even easier now! 
NickelodeonCopy.doc - Google Docs
They have toy sets, DVDs and even clothes! Dolls with some fun accessories or play sets, dress up outfits and movies that take you further into the Winx World! You can check out all the fun fairy-ness on the Winx Club Deluxe page on Walmart.com. What I loved (and your little girls will also!) is that you can watch vidoes of the dolls in action on that page too! It really brings it to life! Talk about imagination come to life! You may find yourself watching it over and over! 
NickelodeonCopy.doc - Google Docs
After visitng that page we also found that you can print off some Winx Fairy COLORING PAGES too! They have all the characters and you can print off several for friends and play dates or for a party! 
So pop over to our local Walmart with your cute little girls and explore the magical world of the WINX fairies from Nikelodeon! The dolls are so colorful and fun with their indiviudal powers and personalities. From techno to nature, long hair to short -  they run a great gammet of interests and looks too! 
Once you've picked up your favorite Winx Club Deluxe dolls you can even get crafty at home and create a pair of fairy wings just for your little girl to play in while she plays with her new Winx dolls! 
So embrace the magic of childhood and fairies! 
Do you have a favorite Winx fairy at your house? 
Visit Sponsor's Site

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ABC's of Summer Food game

It's fun and great to have Summer Bucket lists and along those lines we created a Summer FOOD list! 
There are so many great foods in season during the Summer months and FUN foods that remind us of Summer or "make" a Summer event.

To put a twist or a challenge on the food list use the ABC's! We printed out our list on a piece of cardstock running the ABC's down the side and the middle. 

Now we can catalog the fun things we eat this Summer, the new food we taste trying to fill in all the letters and the yummy treats we enjoy too! 

My kids had never tried Kiwi before and because it was a cool way to fill in the letter K - they were all for trying it! Head to the grocery store and pick out some fun foods to try or food that you normally wouldn't buy all the time as a "treat". For example, we don't buy Pringles but my kids think they are "sooo cool!" So once this Summer I am going to buy them each their own can and we will list that as letter P. Fun food and fun memory at the same time - bonus!

You can list more than 1 food through out the Summer under the different letters too! Our S category is getting pretty full on our list of - snowcones, strawberries, smores, and more! 

So dive into Summer foods and get creative trying to find something for each letter of the alphabet! 

I will be linking up HERE

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It's ice cream day!

Don't forget that by simply buying a Blizzard at Dairy Queen TODAY you can help the Children's Miracle Network Hospital in your area!

PLUS if you tweet, facebook or instagram a photo of you at DQ then I will give YOU a $1.00 off any ePattern in my shop! 
Use the hashtag #miracletreatday and then post or send me the link to see it! 
Enjoy some ice cream today and help out a good cause! NOW - let's see those pictures!!! 
and tell me what flavor(s) you got too ;)

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What I wore - maxi skirt

I never got on the "maxi dress" train because they just don't look good on me....or I haven't found one that does yet! BUT I do love love LOVE this maxi skirt! 
I love the length, the comfortable soft knit and the ease of wearing it.

It's versatile too! Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter I can wear this skirt to change up my look! It can be dressy or casual too!

Skirt and yellow top are from DownEast Home - I highly recommend it!

Linking up here and below!

pleated poppy

Momma Go Round

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Miracle treat day! get some ice cream!

OK Brassy Apple readers! I have a challenge for YOU! 
This Thursday - July 26th - you can buy a Blizzard at Dairy Queen and they will donate $1 or more to a Children's Miracle Network Hospital
Ice cream for you and it helps someone else! I love a win win situation! 
I had the opportunity last week to have lunch with some of the amazing people from Children's Miracle Network. The work they do and the people they help - it's amazing.

(theme was a Blizzard in July!)

We got to here from a "Miracle Mom and Miracle Child" who had a wonderful story to share of triumph from a scary situation and the care they received at a Children's Miracle Network Hospital

How can you HELP???
1. RSVP on facebook that you are going to a DQ on Thursday (DQ will donate a $1 for each RSVP)

2. Find a participating DQ and go on Thursday (7/26)  for a Blizzard! (remember DQ donates $1 or more for EACH Blizzard sold on Thursday!)

3. Post a photo of you at DQ for Miracle Treat day on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram - then let me know! (use the hashtag #miracletreatday so the wonderful people of the Children's Miracle Network can see too!)
When you post your link for me I will send YOU a code for a $1 off any ePattern from my shop!

Have fun with Miracle Treat day!!! 

Fun ideas for a Miracle Treat Day post/photos:
                           • Blindfold your kids and have them guess the flavor                         
     • Interview kids about their dream Blizzard flavor
   • Take Blizzards to a little league game or a dance class
   • Rate or rank your family’s favorite Blizzard flavors
•  Share the story of a Miracle Child: find one at:

Enjoy a "Blizzard in July" and help out the Children's Miracle Network! 
(plus get a $1 off any ePattern from my shop if you show me your photo from DQ!)

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DIY linky party - Make it Monday #41

Make it Monday is your chance to link up and share your creativity!
 There are 2 different sections - 
& DIY/Creative tutorials. 

Last weeks top 3 most clicked on links were:
Other DIY/Creative

1. share a
 direct link to your tutorial
2. no shops or selling
3. include a MAKE it MONDAY logo button or link on your blog somewhere or post

Let's see it! I love to further promote some of the projects and share them on the Brassy Apple Facebook Page

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Refashion it with Tea Rose Home

EXciting!!!! I got to meet some local "superstar" refashioners when I filmed my show back in May. One of the guests I asked was Sachiko of Tea Rose Home

I was soooo nervous to ask her but figured hey - "It never hurts to ask!" and she said YES!!!!! I was super excited to meet her. She is very talented. 

Check out the new episode of REfashion it and meet Sachiko!
(remember - all the episodes are ONLINE - so you can watch them anytime!!)

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DIY Jewelry organizer from The Foley Fam

Hi there lovely Brassy Apple Readers!
I'm Kristine and I blog over at The Foley Fam {unedited}.

I over share and document our big and not so big adventures.
You’ll also find my attempts at being a "fun" mom and wifey, being "fashionable", and being Suzy Homemaker, ya know throwing in some sweets and some craftoons in the mix. As you can see I enjoy making up words too! We have a good time! When I'm not blogging, I'm busy making pretties for my Etsy store J&M's Eye Candy Shoppe.

Speaking of pretties, I'm all about accessories! Who isn't right?!
I tend to be more of a hoarder collector, but that's not important. Ha.
My bathroom drawer where I was housing ALL my pieces, just wasn't cutting it anymore.
It was seriously a modge podge of anything and everything I had.
I decided I needed to make something where my accessories could be more organized, making them more accessible, and if I could show them off in a pretty fashion that would be an extra bonus!

I've seen so many different ideas in blog-land, and thought I was sold on using chicken wire inside a frame, but when I tried it out I didn't like the look of the big holes. 

I had a remnant piece (50% off!) of "jute" fabric I had bought at Joanns on a whim, and thought I would try it out.
During our move the glass broke from a few of our picture frames, so the one shown above I had sitting around just begging to be used. The cutouts ended up being perfect for my bulkier pieces.
First step is remove your glass. 
Next, cut your piece of fabric to size, and staple it to the back of a frame. 
Instead of holding the fabric taunt, I left some slack to allow the bulkier pieces to be easily accessible within the frame cutouts.

Love how it turned out! 
And since I used items I already had, this project didn't cost me anything (extra). #lovethattoo
The simplicity of it is my style, but you can always add knobs for even more storage space and versatility and maybe some rolled flowers to spruce it up a bit if you wish. Possibilities of making it your own are endless.
How do you store your accessories? I would love to hear and see. Feel free to leave your links in the comment section or email me your pics at
I would love it if you stopped over at my place and introduced yourself.
I'm all about meeting cool people.
And since you and I share a love of Megan's blog, we would get along splendidly I'm sure!

Thanks so much to Megan for letting me invade her space today!


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DIY $1 Store photobooth signs

Remember our Summer tradition of having a Neighborhood Party and Dance
This year we added a photobooth and caught all our guests being silly! 

Besides some fun props like glasses, hats and mustaches I wanted to add some fun signs - BUT easy! I already had a lot of prep work for this party! 

Thank you $1 store! I walked down the "craft" isle and saw these round foam discs. PERFECT! 

I knew I had some bamboo skewers at home and also some craft sticks.

With a little hot glue and a good marker I was able to create several fun sayings and the bright colors of the discs added a fun POP of color! 

EASY, fun and quick!

Have some photobooth fun this summer! 

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