Fairy Letters - GIVEAWAY!

I've got a giveaway for you today! 
If you have a little girl who loves a little "magic" in your life and possibly even fairies JUMP on this! 

Remember my post about my daughters fairy garden she created? 

and then my follow up of a cute little reader creating her own fairy house and garden

(psst! If you've created one and want to share it - please do! I'd love to feature yours!)

Well a few weeks after posting about my daughters she received a little magic in the mail. 
The wonderful people at Fairy Letters in the UK asked if they could send her a "thank you" note from the fairies for the houses and gardens she created. Oh my heavens! You should have seen her face when it arrived. She couldn't BELIEVE the tiny note that was inside with glitter and bling!!!

Plus (no return address) but with a peculiar "royal mail - par avion" stamped on the envelope which increased the excitement for her! She was quickly google-ing that with Dad's help and figured out that is must have come from a fairy in England or Northern Ireland. She loves to tell family members and friends. 
So much joy and excitement from a tiny small "magical" gesture. She still has no idea how she got a letter from a fairy! (keeping the magic alive!)

So to spread the magic and excitement around I am giving away a fairy letter to 2 lucky girls! 
Fairy Letters will personalize it for her - could be from a "tooth fairy" too! They are a wonderful company to work with and how fun to bring such joy to kids all over the globe! 

ENTER here! 

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TV casting call - Salt lake city, UTah!

Just wanted to spread the word about a casting call for a new TV show and they are holding the call in Salt Lake City UTAH! How fun right!??!! 

Here are some details!
The show revolves around two Salt Lake City based companies that are struggling due to the current economy, and want to reach out into their community for help.  In each episode loyal customers will be given the chance of a lifetime, to help a brand that they love re-establish itself.  The show is extremely positive and allows the average everyday customer a chance to work with and help reconfigure one of their favorite companies in addition to aiding local economy by saving some jobs in the area.
We are currently looking for outgoing, opinionated and creative consumers who might be interested in being a part of the show.  Participants must be 18 years of age and over.
 Does this fit who you are? Could be fun and how awesome to get the chance to help out a company! Tell me if you go and good luck too! ;) 

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DIY outdoor painted rug

Our church pew makeover for our patio has been a huge success. I hope you have enjoyed seeing how my neighbors transformed their church pews as well! 

I wanted to give you a quick and easy tutorial on how I finished off my space with an outdoor rug that everyone is surprised to find out that I painted it and created it. (I will take that as a compliment) 

Outdoor rug - comes in a gray color (purchased at Home Depot or Lowes)
Paint rollers
Paint in the colors you want/like
painters tape
measuring tape

Step 1: Lay out your rug and decide how wide you want your stripes to be and how far apart. I made the blueish stripes wider and the creme stripes thinner. Measure those out and use the painters tape to mark off your stripes. 

 Step 2: Start painting! My daughter got in the rolling action with me. We did all the creme strips first and then switched the blue painted ones. The "nap" of the rug is super easy to paint over.

Let it dry.....

 Step 3: Peel back the tape to reveal your fabulous new rug! We didn't have ANY problems with the paint bleeding under the tape but I also was careful to not put to much on at a time. We absolutely love it and it was really easy and inexpensive.

Have you painted a rug before? 

I will be linking up here!

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Link up Party - Make it Monday #45

Make it Monday is your chance to link up and share your creativity! I love seeing what YOU'VE created!
Last week most top clicked on links on each section were:

1. share a direct link to your tutorial
2. no shops or selling
3. include a MAKE it MONDAY logo button or link on your blog somewhere or post

Let's see it! I love to further promote some of the projects and share them on the Brassy Apple Facebook Page

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Church Pew Makeover - sharing my neighbors!

I shared how we made over an old church pew this week and now I want to share some of neighbors transformations too! They are amazing! All different styles, layouts and lengths depending on the different personalities of these talented women. Take a peek! 

(thank you to my neighbors for sharing their photos with me to share with YOU!)

Aren't they so cute?!!?? There are a few more neighbors that haven't quite finished theirs yet. I am hoping when they are completed they will let me share how they transformed theirs!

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Church Pew Makeover

This project has been a long time in coming. We finished it the 1st week of July and I haven't taken the time to share it....until now :)

Back in June our church was getting new pews and offered up all the "old" ones for free - and YES I jumped on it to get one! Luckily we were able to get one and after it sitting on our patio for a week and looking a little "ghetto" we got started it. *snicker*

The upholstery on the back was coming off for sure and then we planned to cover the fabric on the seat part.
The whole family dived in to help while it was exciting and sort of a novelty.....then after pulling out a couple hundred staples the novelty of it wore off! LOL.....and a couple million more staples needed to be pulled out. Luckily my hubby was in it for the long haul!

After a little paint, some measurements and a few cuts the structure of the bench was completed. We covered the seat part and got it all assembled back together and looking completely different! 
(Under the blue fabric was a layer of orange. That tells you how long these benches have been at our church)

I bought some pillows at a thrift store for the bench knowing they would go outside and also be covered. (tip - always smell pillows like this when you buy them from a thrift store. Also check to see if they still have a washing instructions tag attached and if they have a cover that can come off and be washed)

The bench was assembled back to together on the morning of the 4th of July! Just in time to enjoy it around our firepit that night! 

Now we have 16 ft of seating on our back patio!
I added a few finishing touches for the space like an outdoor rug (tutorial on that next week. YES I DIY'd it!) and these fun potted sticks. 
 These curvy sticks were lime green to begin with. After a few coats of blue spray paint they were the perfect color to match the pillows. I took my white large pot from this project and covered it in black. A bag of rocks from Home Depot around the sticks and my project was completed! It adds a fun organic element to the space.

I wanted to drape the back wall with curtains, add some ironwork, patio lights, etc.....but for now it's enough. We will see what next summer brings!
We spend so much more time on the patio than we used to. It's wonderful that the patio is covered because even in a Summer rain storm we can be out there enjoying our snack, a good book or just each other!

I will be linking up and sharing here!

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Cahoots Duo Challenge - I did it!

Just over a week ago I took on the Cahoots Duo Challenge at Soldier Hollow in Midway, UT.
It's a 5k full of obstacles designed with teamwork in mind - and lots of mud and water! LOL. Sounded like a good time to me! They offered 2 team registrations to my readers and one of the lucky teams is shown here.
A fun part of the challenge is to come up with a Team Name and then create a team flag which you carry throughout the race and then as part of the last challenge you hang it up and "retire" it.

My hubby and I were Team Red  (his nickname) and the other team was PB & J. 

Here's me wearing our flag as a cape which is what 90% of the people did too.
Cahoots was REALLY FUN! I haven't played in the mud like that since mud volleyball when I was in high school with my neighborhood friends! Right out of the starting gate we climbed a small hill that was full of mud and then got blasted with water as we swam and climbed in and out of some mud holes. We were wet, muddy and laughing from that point on!

If you are looking for a great event to do with our spouse, a great friend or whoEVER I HIGHLY recommend this (check the Cahoots site to see if they have an event in or near your area!) ! My husband and I have never tackled something like this for fun when we needed to rely on each other. There was certainly obstacles I didn't have the upper arm strength for and was grateful for such an awesome partner to pull me through!
Take a peek at these photos from a couple of the obstacles we did! Zip line, balance beams, and more plus the FINISH line celebration!

Here's a better look at the the last obstacle. You climb through these deep mud/water filled holes to hang your flag.

If you haven't taken the opportunity to do something like this - put it on your BUCKET LIST! Thank you Cahoots Utah for a GREAT time! It was a great challenge, a super FUN day and I hope to do it again! 

Were you there too? Have you done Cahoots in a different city? Tell me your story!

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Link up party - Make it Monday #44

Make it Monday is your chance to link up and share your creativity! I love seeing what YOU'VE created!
Last week most top clicked on links on each section were:


1. share a direct link to your tutorial
2. no shops or selling
3. include a MAKE it MONDAY logo button or link on your blog somewhere or post

Let's see it! I love to further promote some of the projects and share them on the Brassy Apple Facebook Page

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ReFashion it - new episode!

Happy weekend! There is a new episode of Refashion it available! My special guest Christie of Lemon Squeezy Home takes us through a favorite project. It just might put you in the mood for some thrifiting! So pop over to My Craft Channel - remember - all the episodes are available ONLINE! 

Also - there is 1 day left to enter for your chance to snag 2 free tickets for The Color Run - SLC, UT
It's super easy to enter and is all done right here on my blog! 

Winner announced tomorrow! 
looking ahead - I will be posting about the Cahoots Duo Challenge I took last weekend! Wait until you see the pictures! LOL 
Have a great weekend!

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