Tutorial link up - Make it Monday #62

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2012 has been a good year! Here is the last Make it Monday link up for this year. For those of you who got creative over the Holiday, it's time to link up - craft, cook, refashion and more! Show us what you got! *Remember there are 2 sections so pick the right one*


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2012 Instagram funny photos

The end of a year sparks the blogging world to "recap" the past year posting top favorites, tutorials, most popular posts, etc. 
I thought I'd share a round up of funny photos I shared of me on Instagram - ha ha ha! It's not meant to be "oh look at me" type of a post but more of a "see more of my personality and that I love life!" and I'm not afraid to be silly and show it!

I hope these brought a smile to your face! 2012 was a great year full of laughter and smiles (as you  can see). I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store!

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DIY Mini top Hat

I've always loved the look of a mini top hat for different parties etc. Well I figured out the EASIEST way to make them. Perfect for New years Eve coming up and many, many parties in between! (think Alice in wonderland, Halloween, tea parties and more!)

Here's what you need to get started!

Supplies - Astrobrights paper
Scissors/ pencil or pen
glue stick / hot glue gun
bobby pin or skinny headband
small embellishments - buttons, tinsel, glitter sequins, etc. 

 Let me take you through it step and step! 

If you create up some mini top hats please share a photo with me via, facebook, email, instagram or twitter!


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New Year's - family style!

Since having kids and raising a family I haven't kicked it any other way for New Year's Eve! And it's become quite fun! Although, my favorite thing is to countdown to Midnight and video my kids ringing in the New Year and panning over to get a shot of the clock. It usually says 9pm or something close. Ha ha ha....I am SURE I am not the only parent that does this (wink). 

I've shared a few in a the past that you might want to try this year....

I found a couple of other fun ideas around the blogging world too! 
Give these two a try and punch up your New Year's Eve even if you are you kicking it family style. 

10 New Years Ideas/Traditions from Secrets of a Super Mommy
Self Portrait New Year's Goal from Clutter Free Classroom

How do you ring in the New Year? Do you have a favorite tradition?

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you!!! 
I hope you find your holiday to be full of whatever makes it great for you! 

I will see you back here after Christmas day with some fun quick projects and some New year's Ideas! 

(Due to the Holiday we will postpone Make it Monday this week)

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Kids Snowman Hat - DIY gift / sewing project

A cutie hat that is perfect for all winter long after the Christmas Season has ended. I bet you have most of the supplies on hand too except the white hat so it's a great inexpensive gift too!

DIY snowman hat
White knit hat (I used a one size fits all from walmart for $1.50)
orange felt
Black buttons (enough for eyes and a smile) Can use different sizes if you want
Black thread and sewing needle
Sewing machine with orange thread
straight pins
fabric marker (optional)

Step 1: Lay your hat flat and begin arranging the buttons as eyes and a smile. Play around with the scale of the buttons seeing where you like larger vs. smaller ones and mix of sizes if you want. I sometimes like to offset the eyes on an angle a bit.

DIY snowman winter hat
Step 2: Cut a triangle from the orange felt about 4 inches long (my base was just under 2 inches wide). Place it on the hat and see of the scale is to your liking. If not, trim a little on the sides you’d like shorter or not as wide.
Step 3: Pin the carrot nose into place. If you’d like, use a fabric marker to mark where the button placement was and move the buttons off. Using your sewing machine, attach the carrot nose to the hat.
 Step 4: With a hand sewing needle and black thread sew on the button eyes and smile. And you are DONE!
A cutie hat that is perfect for all winter long after the Christmas Season has ended. pssst….I bet you have most of the supplies on hand too except the white hat so it’s a great inexpensive gift too!
If you want 10 other ideas to embellish winter hats and beanies pop over to my shop! 
snowman hat
You can snag my ePattern booklet (Hats OFF!) for 9 more hat designs to embellish premade plan hats into something FUN to wear and show off some personality! Hop over to my Shop - Brassy Apple - to buy one.

Looking for another DIY snowman project to wear? My kids tees are fast and quick too! 


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Winter DIY Wreath - styled by Tori

Christmas is probably most peoples favorite time of year to decorate but what about the rest of winter? I love some decor that works for a little for both. I took at fake green wreath and transformed it with a few easy simple steps to give it that winter-y shimmer-y look! You can too! 

Supplies: Artificial wreath, White spray paint, adhesive spray, epson salt, glitter (optional), Wintery picks, 4 Styled by Tori Pendants & wire or ornament hooks

The wreath might not be that great to look at but with a little Krylon White Spray Paint it gives it a frosty look and not so artificial.

I wanted it to have a bit more dimension and shimmer or icy look to it so with a little spray adhesive and some epson salt (you can add in some glitter at this point too) that can be achieved perfectly!

I worked in small sections spraying the adhesive and then sprinkling the epson salt on as heavy or light as you'd like. 

After it dries it's time to embellish!

Insert the Christmas or winter picks into your wreath. I chose to keep all mine around 1 edge of the wreath.

Then I took 3 different Styled by Tori pendants, added a Christmas ornament hook and placed them in between the picks.

One of the great things is when the winter is over....I can unhook the pendants and they can go back into my jewelry box to bling up my handbags, necklaces, hats, jackets and more! 

I'll be linking up here

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What I wore - a good pair of jeans!

I feel like I dress "casual" everyday but my casual and other peoples are different. And that's OK. This outfit I feel is really casual - for me anyway...ha ha ha...

A simple striped top, new jeans - straight cut, heels and little bit of small accessories. My tips for today have to do with jeans! We all know the "mom jeans" and also wearing jeans that give you a muffin top and all the styles in between. (Tip #1) Find a cut and style that look best on you. I snagged these jeans at Target (great price point too).

(Tip #2) Darker wash jeans look better and they can be dressed up with a blouse and heels easily. 
I have found that I have LOVED stripes this year. I have also found that the largest selection of tops in my closet are black or gray. So (tip #3) wear some color! Black is super safe and it's a classic but having a whole rainbow of a selection of tops is better than having a "black and white" closet. 
Good luck shopping for jeans! Take a friend along who will give you an honest opinion or ask the store employees for advice on what cut would be most flattering on you. 

(simple jewelry)
 linking up here:
The Pleated Poppy - what I wore
Transatlantic blonde - What I wore
Watch out for the Woestmans - What what I'm wearing 
Real Girl Glam - Real Girl Style

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Christmas game Printable

 During the Holidays we like to head out in the car to see lots of Christmas lights and different displays. Here's a great way to add another fun element to those type of family activities!

 Holiday Scavenger Hunt/ I SPY game printable! 

 You can print this out (just right click and save. Re-size as necessary) and if you laminate it or put it in a plastic sleeve you can wipe it clean and reuse it over and over again! 

These are fun for car trips or just driving around town! Make it a contest , see who gets it full first or just enjoy checking off all the fun things to see!

Have fun with it!

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National Blogging day of Remembrance - Sandy hook Connecticut

I'm joining in many other bloggers who are taking a "day of silence" in honor of the Families affected by the Connecticut Shooting. I will be stepping away from Instragram, Facebook, Twitter and all social media and blogging today.... - xo Megan

- News Article from The Huffington post on How to Help 
- United Way fund for the Families
- Donate craft supplies 

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Tutorial link up party - Make it Monday #61

It's December! Blogs are hopping and full of festive holiday tutorials! Share away!  For those of you who got creative it's time to link up - craft, cook, refashion and more! Show us what you got!  
*Remember there are 2 sections so pick the right one*

1. share a direct link to your tutorial
2. no shops or selling

3. include a MAKE it MONDAY logo button or link on your blog somewhere or post

Let's see it! I love to further promote some of the projects and share them on the Brassy Apple Facebook Page

Here's the top three most clicked on links from the two categories from last weeks Make it Monday link up party! 
 Refashion/Sewing category: 
 1. Wrap top - Mandy Made
2. Spool Knit a Sweater - Etcetorize
3. Any occasion Skirt - Simple Simon & Co.

DIY/Creativity category:
1. Glass Christmas Trees - Alderberry Hill
2. Snowman Fluff - Hoopla Palooza
3. Jar Snowman Candles - I gotta Create

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Holiday Cream Cheese Recipes

This post brought to you by PHILADELPHIA cream cheese . All opinions are 100% mine.

It's been a week of sharing things for the kitchen and recipes! I have a few more I'd like to share that have been some favorites and my "go tos" for certain parties or events. And they all involve PHILADELPHIA cream cheese.

I shared this great warm cheese dip earlier this week - Jalapeno Popper Dip and my other FAVORITE is Cranberry Salsa! It's a favorite with my entire family. It's my favorite to take serve at parties and take to parties and just eat! It's so yummy! 
Cranberry Salsa:
1 (12 oz) bag of Fresh Cranberries
4 small green onions, finely chopped
1/2 c. sugar
1/4 c. fresh cilantro, finely chopped
2 TB. fresh ginger, finely grated
2 TB. Lemon juice1 (8oz.) pkg. PHILADELPHIA cream cheese
1 box of Wheat crackers

Rinse, drain, and pick over cranberries, discarding all that are bad or bruised. Place them in food processor and pulse them until finely chopped but not mushy. In a large bowl, mix if green onions, sugar, cilantro, ginger, lemon juice. Cover and refrigerate for 4 or so hours. Serve over the cream cheese block and eay with the Wheat crackers. 

Since 2 of my favorite go to recipes involve PHILADELPHIA cream cheese I set out looking for more recipes that used this ingredient. You can search for recipes on the PHILADELPHIA cream cheese site and also meal solution ideas.It's always great to PIN those recipes and ideas for use this season and throughout the coming year!  I found lots of ideas for using cream cheese from muffins to frosting, sandwiches, cakes, cookies and Main dishes too with pasta and chicken. Hungry yet? Yeah me too! 

Try the cranberry salsa recipe and let me know what your favorite recipes are using PHILADELPHIA cream cheese. I'd love to PIN some new recipes to my yummies board! 

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Gifts for boys - KRE-O Transformers

Disclaimer:I am part of the Mom it Forward blogger network. Mom it Forward and Hasbro partnered in support of this campaign. Hasbro compensated me for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are mine.  

Still looking for gifts? We had a great package arrive full of KRE-O Transformers recently and my boys freaked out! When they saw the package I heard "WHOA!! It's transformers!" Then immediately followed by them singing the theme song, "Transformers....more than meets the eye...." They recognized the brand too, "Oh! I've seen these! They are Kre-O!" and "WHoA! You can make 9 in 1!??!!" Just the box was exciting to them - full of promise and fun! 

They started assembling the little guys first and loved that they had interchangable body parts and tools. Hasbro's KRE-O Transformers lets the kids build the robots or the vehicles - using the same blocks! Each set comes with KREON figures with some of their favorite Autobots & Decepticons. There was lots of sound affects going on. Boys are just born being able to make those flying, mechanical, shooting sounds well don't you think? It's a boy thing.

The different sized sets have different recommended ages. The smallers ones are great for ages as young as 6 - like the Cycle Chase and Decepticon Ambush. Pst - They are great as stocking stuffers or check out the Micro-Changers Mystery bags! The figures can convert to a jet or insect (priced at $2.99). We love all the options! 

 The Destruction Site set is really fun for older kids 8+ and those that can handle building some creations a bit more complex. It's great that they offer the easy step by step instructions to build the cool creations. BUT as with any cool building block toy there sooo many other options for creativity with these! The skies the limit! and yes I love that they fit with other building block toys too. 

KRE-O from Hasbro got my whole family involved. They were exciting to open but hours and days of fun to enjoy with after! I love a gift that encourages creative play! 

You can check out all the Hasbro and KRE-O has going on plus catch them on Social Media by visiting the Transformers Facebook page and Hasbro on Twitter! Check them our as you wrap up your Holiday Shopping! 
We love these building blocks and we love that they are ones that will grow with my kids for years! Plus the fact they intertwine some characters they love make it a double bonus! Thank you KRE-O!

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Holiday appetizer recipe + Harmons giveaway

This week's giveaways seemed to be focused on the kitchen!
(You can enter to win a kitchenaid from SassySteals HERE)

Holidays bring more baking, cooking and special dishes being made not to mention neighbor gifts and Holiday treats! I had the extreme pleasure of getting a tour of Harmon's City Creek store. WOW! Seriously. I've never been in such a "swanky" grocery store. Their sign as you enter really does sum it all up.
(pst! They want you to experience their great store too! 5 lucky shoppers will win $50.00 gift card to Harmons - open to Utah residents only. Enter below!)

Harmon's really does offer a unique shopping experience. They have set up their City Creek store to be a "community gathering place." It's right downtown and they have casual seating with free wifi. It's a perfect place to pop in, grab a warm drink, meet a friend, have some lunch, read a book....And this place was hopping come noon time! It was clear that several people take advantage of this great spot and the good food they have to offer.

 Artisan breads made fresh daily - yes daily. Gourmet desserts made from scratch and WITHOUT an expiration date that is a few months out ;) Fresh. "From truck to shelf" is their work style. They hardly have a back room full of food items - it's on the shelves and fresh for you. They want to give you, the customer, more fridge life when you buy from them. 

5 lucky shoppers will win a gift card to Harmon's! Open to Utah residents only

a Rafflecopter giveaway
One of my new favorite recipes for parties, friends stopping by, etc is the Jalepeno Popper Dip. It calls for Panko bread crumbs on top BUT after going to Harmons and discovering their Parmesan Crisps, I think it's the perfect substitution!
(seriously! who wouldn't love baked cheese!)

These are great on salads too or in tomato soup! Give them a try and try the dip too! We ate ours up with some Harmon's artisan bread! (I loooove bread!! and when it's pretty like the bread they make at Harmon's I love eating it even more!)

Pop over to these blogs too and see what recipe they are sharing from their trip to Harmon's! 
Oh Sweet Basil
One Charming Party
TaterTots & Jello
Armelle Jewelry

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