DIY Fix it Felix costume for boys

We LOOOOOVED the movie Wreck it Ralph. There are many fun characters and while I was sitting there I was studying Fix it Felix. I knew that I could easily DIY a dress up outfit for my little guy to play with.
If you don’t already have a plastic toy hammer on hand then off to the second hand store you go! I was able to find one for under $1.00. A little gold spray paint ( I used KRYLON brand) and you’ve got his magic hammer ready to “FIX” lots of items around the house! The hammer is a MUST for the ensemble. 
The must have piece for this outfit is the hat. We had a dark blue hat on hand so although it wasn’t the exact color we went with it. The whole outfit was create on the FLY one afternoon. With some blue and yellow felt and cut out 2 F’s in the blue felt and the piece for the background in the yellow (I just freehanded it). I attached the 2 F’s to the yellow piece with some hot glue.
And because the hat we were using is one of my husbands – we just simply attached the Fix is Felix logo with some tape (and it’s held great for weeks for weeks!)
To complete the outfit you’ll need some jeans, a blue polo skirt, some gloves you have them or can find them (we couldn’t) and them something to “holster” the hammer with when he’s not fixing something. We had a small canvas pouch made for fitting over a belt for another one of my son’s. We snatched one of sisters belts from her closet while she was at school (shh!) and threaded it through his belt loops and around his waist. PERFECT! 
Super easy costume to create with things you probably already have around the house! Now he can be ready to say, “I can FIX IT!” We’ve had a lot of fun with this costume over the last couple of months!
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