DIY headwrap or earwamers – Sweater Refashion

Today’s tutorial is a NO SEW for all those who like to create and refashion but maybe not sew! 
You’ll need a sweater with a turtle neck style collar, some scissors and some bling (optional)
Cut off the turtle neck part of the sweater.
if the sweater weave is tight enough that it doesn’t fray or seem to loose then you can leave the edge as it is. If it’s not, fold over the edge, pin and handstitch or use your sewing machine to finish the edge.
Fold it in half to wear.
Bling it up!!! Take some pendants, brooches or other accessories – I love the Styled by Tori line because of it’s versatility. If using a brooch(es) simply pin to the headwrap and wear. If using pendants, I like to use safety pins to attach the jewelry (because then the jewelry can be used for other things during other seasons). You can also attach a pin back to the pendants if you want a more permanent solution.
Easy sweater refashion!!! Think of all the fun colors and patterns you could create! If you try it out – send me a picture or share it on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter! I love to see!



  1. That’s is one great tutorial and so stylish! Thank you!

  2. Genius! that is amazing!! Thanks for the tip – so cute and super easy!

    Jen @ Noting Grace

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