DIY infinity scarf – sweater refashion

 Today is another NO SEW sweater refashion project! And it just takes a few snips! 
You will need:
A sweater & scissors
Here’s the sweater looked life before….
Now let’s refashion!
 Lay your sweater flat and cut right under where the sleeves start.
Run your fingers along the cut edge to strip away any loose fibers. Fold the scarf in half or in thirds (with both ends folded toward the center)
Now it’s ready to wear! A stylish way to add texture, volume and possibly color to your outfit. It’s great worn alone or with a coat!
 I love to take it a step further and add some sparkle to it! Make a cluster of brooches using this technique with the Styled by Tori pendants


  1. Love the cute ideas with sweaters! Just a little afraid to get started….Do the sweaters unravel when you cut them? Would it be good to sew or glue them? Thanks!

  2. Just stopping by to let you know that you were featured today. Thanks for sharing your beautiful scarf with us!

  3. Clever idea 🙂 No sure if I can gather the courage to do that, though!

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  5. I absolutely love this!!! I want to make the fingerless gloves & the infinity scarf. But, I have a problem with the scarf. How do the loose ends hook up together? I’m new to your bloc, and I’m loving all the DIY projects you have!! Can’t wait to check it out futher to see what else you’ve got!!

    • Brassyapple says

      HI Debbie! welcome! I think I understand your question correctly. The loose ends just stay loose end. I fold both of the cut sides toward the middle so they are sort of tucked away. hope that helps!

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