Photo a day project – I AM more than just

Have your checked out my other project? The is a photo a day site from 7 different women from all different parts of the world. We each share a photo during the week set on a certain theme. We are taking a year long journey together (that started back on October of  2012) one photo at a time. We are seeing our differences, our similarities and sharing little pieces of us along the way. 
We come from all different backgrounds, some are single, some are married, some have kids, some work in the home, outside the home, different interests, cultures and religious beliefs. Yet we are all united in this purpose to share, connect and attempt to show who we are through our photos. We are MORE than what we are on the outside – everyone has a story to tell……come join our photo journey…..
This week the theme is FRIENDS and next week the theme is CHALLENGE! 


  1. Love this, great way of sharing!

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