Refashion your LIFE – week 2

Hi! We are glad you are here!  Welcome to week 2 of the Refashion your LIFE series (every Tuesday). If you missed last week ( #1) or you are wondering what this series is all about click over to the Refashion your LIFE page! Now onto week 2…this whole process is very inspired and we take each subject to heart and very seriously. We can each only do so much so we hope that we can inspire, support and encourage you along your journey one step at a time.  Dive right in and click play! 

Our week 2 challenge to you: Look over your list from last week and identify those things that bring you joy. Are you incorporating at least 1 of those each day to nourish yourself? To take time for you? Remember, you need to fill your cup so you are able to fill others. We’ve created a printable this week to write down those thing(s) you take time to do for you each day. Remember it’s all about balance. As you strive for that, those in your home will learn from you as well.
Just right click, save, paste (resize as necessary) and print.
Song inspiration for this week: It’s your life by Francesca Battistelli

We absolutely LOVE to hear you comments and thoughts! If you can take time to post a comment below or email us, please do! And if you think one of your friends or family members might enjoy this message, please pass it along to them.Make it a great week! – Megan & Chalyce


  1. I really love what you are doing on this new program! Very important for us to find balance in our lives and to nourish ourselves. Great job! I will keep watching and implementing!

  2. Glad I know someone that is so wise. This weeks video hit so close to home that I thought you were speaking just to me. Thanks for your insight.

  3. I Loved the video. I especially Love the analogy of the balls in the air. Thanks for sharing this ladies.

  4. Thank you ladies! From a person that is physically and mentally starting over at the age of 46. I have been ill for quite sometime, but doctors told me I was too young. now with a severely deteriorating body (i have severe mixed connective tissue disease), a husband of 27 years and three wonderful daughters I must rethink my lifes strategy so that I may have many more years with a wonderful husband and girls! Thank you, it is uplifting and encouraging. How may I download this on an android phone for an inspirational reminder! Once again thank you and looking forward to more! Margaret

    • HI Margaret! thanks for taking the time to post your comments 🙂 Life throws us many “curve balls” and is always changing. At least you have a good attitude and want to make the most of it! HUGS!!!

  5. Sandy-Lynn says:

    I love the plates in the air analogy and the motivating you tube video. Thanks!

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