15 non candy Valentines Day gift ideas

I like to treat Valentine’s Day as an extra day to show those around me they are special to me but I don’t always love all the sweets and candy. Also – my family KNOWS what they mean to me so it’s fun for me to think “outside the box” and give gifts to those who might not be expecting one from me on Valentine’s day. 
That was the inspiration for these gift ideas. I also didn’t create printables for these but just wanted to put the ideas out there and let you put your own spin on it and personalize it. 
I love a small gift that the kids can be imaginative with and play with over and over. We snatched up with googley eyed puppets. Plus these are small enough for their pockets, to take in the car, etc. We’ve had LOTS of fun with these! (found at the $1 store!)

 These hand puppet tattoos are perfect to mail out to friends, grandkids, cousins and more! Kids will have fun with these! (I found them at the $1 store)

 And here’s a few ideas of what message your could include with them! 
The $1 store also has those mini bubbles in the “wedding” section. We found some puffy heart stickers and dressed up the white bottles. 

 It’s a fun non sweet treat option! 
 Another fun option that can be enjoyed for months past the actual Valentine’s day is a Kite! 
(and these can be found at the $1 store too!)

Seriously you knew I was going to throw in a mustache or two! Kids (ahem adults too) of all ages love these!!! Found some sticky versions and some finger temporary tattoo versions (yup! at the $1 store!).

 And what about your girlfriends, friends, teachers, etc? Maybe someone who would just appreciate an unexpected little gift from you to know they were being thought of. 
Finger nail polish is a “non-fattening” option that can be enjoyed and used over and over again. 

Gum is always appreciated….at least I like and am always dishing it out to my kids and chewing it myself. 
Nail stickers are a fun option for girls of all ages or for your tween/teenagers to give to their friends! 

Oh and the book lover. A book they have been wanting or a gift card to pick one up! 

How about something useful for the purse?  (while giving a compliment at the same time)
For someone who loves word finds – could be a friend, grandchild, etc.

And why not take this day of “love” and mend a fence or two with someone you may have had some “crosswords” with… this little gift could help break the ice. 
I hope these come in handy! At least they won’t be adding to your waistline 🙂 
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  1. Love these ideas, sometimes there is too much candy going around and you want something different!

  2. These are great ideas for gifts for valentine’s Day. Thanks for the resource. Linda

  3. I totally support the non-candy valentine. As I recall back when I was a girl we just exchanged cards. There might be one or two goodies. It was more about what was on the card than the treat you were getting. I miss those days! I like your ideas.

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