How to wear leggings – Ask Brassy!

I received a question from a reader asking me “What is the right way to wear leggings?” Although I am not an expert at all I can give my opinion on how I wear them….not necessarily “the right way” (wink).
I wear them as pants (or should I say as an extension of whatever I’m wearing on top). I don’t ever wear them with a short top where my booty shows. I always pair them with a longer top, a too short baby doll dress or layered under a skirt or dress for an added pop of color or texture. Every site you visit will say “leggings are not pants” and I agree. You can wear them as “pants” on your legs but NOT as pants like jeans where you wear a short top. Make sense?? 🙂

I wear them most paired with a flowing or loose top. I feel like it balances out the outfit and often wear them with tall boots too. I always have the crotch area covered (for lack of a better word). No short tops or ones that are too fitted. 

leggings 2

Plus they are comfy! If I’m going to add this layer it is really nice that they fit and feel different than jeans. Do I wear them a lot? Not really…but they are nice inexpensive option to have in my closet. 
The has a “funny” article on the DO’s and DON’Ts of wearing of leggings.
Or there is a GREAT article with simple tips and photos from Adam Glassman on as well.
I hope this helps! NOW – tell me How DO YOU wear them?
Do you have a style/fashion question for me? I’m no expert but I can give you my spin on it! Email me! I’m happy to answer it in a future “how to” post!  

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