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Whatever type of work you do, you always need to find a balance in your life and re-prioritize what is important. It’s been said that the most important work happens in the home. I believe that. My friend Becca of Blue Cricket Design recently took a blogging “break” to re-prioritize, focus, slow down and one of the great things that came out of it was an ebook! I’m sharing her happy news with you and maybe it’s the perfect subject YOU are looking for! Take a look!

Parenthood is all about finding your groove! It’s a combination of carpools, snuggles and teaching moments that all add up to a childhood to remember. When asked “What are the things I want my kids to know how to do, and do well?” I had a chance to come up with a list of life lessons that I knew would help arm my own kids with skills that would help them become productive, responsible and grateful kids! These ten lessons are helping shape our household into a family that focuses on working together, making memories and personal growth.
“Kids in Training” focuses on these ten “training lessons.” It shares war stories and creative ideas on how to teach young ones the importance and fundamentals for each topic. As a parent our goal is to take full advantage of our precious years with growing kids. “Kids in Training” can help us reach that goal! It’s amazing what we can discover about ourselves and our own family when we challenged our true potential!
This e-book is being sold as a downloadable PDF and will be emailed to you once your order is complete. It is 52 pages long and can be bought by following the link below! Check out is via Paypal.
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