Refashion it season 2 web TV show!

 I’m excited to announce that my second season of Refashion it starts today on the My Craft Channel network! 
 What is Refashion it? 
It’s time to rethink how you view your wardrobe! Join ME each Friday for the next 11 weeks as I revamp, restyle and refashion what’s already in your closet. From your head to your toes, everything is fair game. Second hand finds can go from outdated to modern and trendy. You can even refashion and upcycle clothing into useful items for your home and everyday use. Add some “pow” to your wardrobe that will be anything but off the rack! 
I’ve gotten some questions regarding this show and I’d love to answer them for all to see!
  • Did you know…That I tape all 12 episodes in 1 day? YES!!! my entire season is taped in 1 day. I taped at the end of January. Then they get edited and released 1 by 1.  And I see them for the first time at the same time YOU see them and are released (it’s nerve racking!!!).
  • Did you know…That my shows are all taped in a studio complete with a crew, lighting and fancy equipment? It’s pretty cool! I get to set and dress my own set tailored to reflect my show and personality. And yes the camera guy says “Take 1”, “that’s a wrap”, etc…
  • Did you know…12 shows taped in 1 day means I need 12+ different outfits to change into for each different show. OY!!! that’s a lot of clothes and accessories to wear in 1 day! I only bring tops and I coordinate the accessories that hang in a baggie over the hanger with each blouse. Then it’s a quick change. (p.s. – after changing that many times in a day you sort of don’t want to get dressed the next day (wink))
  • Did you know…that YOU can watch every episode!? It is a web based show so matter where you are in the WORLD, you can catch my show. You don’t need cable or to be in the local “viewing area”. You ALREADY ARE!!! (insert a big smiley face from me!)
You can even catch my first round of shows from last year if you missed them by clicking here.
  • Did you know…I love to feature other Refashioners! I was able to snag some talented Refashioners to share a project with this season! I can’t wait for you to meet them, explore their sites and also see what we create on the show!
(Here’s one of my guests – Aleisha from
  • Did you know…Taping 12 episodes in 1 day requires LOTS of supplies! I had a crate for each episode full of it’s supplies, finished projects, notes, etc. It’s A LOT for your brain to remember and cram in there. My brain is tired!!! (if you follow my Instagram feed or on Facebook you saw some sneak peeks!)
  • Did you know…That I’m “too tall” for the shot when I wear heels. So I wear flats when I tape. Except the first season. I was bare foot!!! I only wore heels (because that’s what I do) and it just looked better to have them off. SO – without another shoe option I had to tape barefoot. 
(see this year I was smart and just wore flats) 

  • Did you know…That my Refashion it show is all about getting creative with your wardrobe, sewing and NOT sewing and seeing clothing items in a whole new light! NOT to be confused with my video series Refashion our LIFE.
  • and Did you know…You can catch the first show TODAY and then each Friday through May 3! I hope you watch! I’ve got all brand new ideas for you this season and lots of NO sew options too!I’ll see you over on the My Craft Channel Network!

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