Refashion your life – Chalyce’s weight loss secret – wk 6

Ok. If you follow me on Facebook you saw my post yesterday about Chalyce. She is nervous to put this weeks video out there because she’s sharing something that is very personal. And I think it would be hard for anyone to do! She is going to share a picture of her before her weight loss, before she reclaimed who she was and is today…the start of her journey to finding and becoming her best self. And she’s going to share her weight loss SECRET too!!! Enough talk, just push play and see what other nuggets of wisdom she shares and maybe have a few “ah ha” moments for yourself! 

As always, let us know your thoughts, comments, questions, etc by leaving a comment, posting on facebook, emailing, carrier pigeon….pony express…(LOL….basically however you do it, we’d love to hear from you!) 
Here’s a few printables from US this week! We hope these help remind you of the stories and messages from this weeks video.
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  1. Absolutely beautiful picture of the two of you. You guys are models. Chalyce, I loved your candid video—you make me laugh and learn. I hardly remember you being overweight–I can only think of this slim, fit and healthy Chalyce! I feel like going RIGHT now to work out–just wish I had the drive to get up as early as you! Oh and I loved your bike story..don’t remember that either. You are definitely inspiring!

  2. Love your blog and the cute post on Chalyce weight loss! So inspiring! And we also loved the bike story! Have a great week ladies!! -The Six Sisters

  3. This series is fabulous!!! The things you talk about are great and you both are so positive and motivating. Thanks so much!
    On a side note, this might be silly, but I can never find shirts that look as great as you are wearing Chalyce. Can you tell me where you found it?

    • Thanks Laura! that’s our goal – to be positive and motivating! There’s actually a funny story behind the shirt she is wearing….I’ll let her tell it 😉

    • Thanks Laura! The funny story about that shirt is…..I wanted a shirt that color and the only one I could find was in the little girls section at Gordmans…hahaha! I have found that I can fit into most XL little girls things….funny but true!

  4. I am so blessed to call you my cousin Chaylce. You have always been a beautiful person to everyone around you. I am so glad that you can look at yourself now and see the beauty that we all see. I am so proud of your journey and for the inspiration that you are to so many around you. Thank you for being brave and sharing your story!!!
    I love ya, Katie

  5. So proud of you!

  6. HOW Wonderful!!!! Love your sucess story! There is one for each of us! Thanks for all you two do!

  7. Chaylce, I loved your video and your story. I would have never guessed. You are so beautiful on the inside and outside!! I totally understand about you looking in the picture and in your eyes there isn’t happiness. That’s how I am right now, I look at pictures of me right now and my eyes just don’t have the happiness that there was. You’re an inspiration to me!!

  8. You both have changed my life for the better. I wrote about it on my blog, like a true blogger I plan on sharing my journey as I follow Refashion Your Life.

  9. Hi Megan/Chaylce, well I was woken up early this morning (the dog had an accident)so thought I would take a look at refashion your life and I have to say it makes alot of sense and really struck a cord with me, I am the one that holds me back and nobody else. So im going to be writing my journal today. I went to bed thinking what can I do tomorrow and I was at a loss because I couldnt think of anything, no purpose!! I know things are not done overnight but can I ask how long it took for Chaylce to lose the 80 pounds?
    Well done Chaylce x

    • Thanks for sharing your comments and thoughts Vintage Poppycoddle. I know it’s been a journey for chalcye and it didn’t happen over night but over a matter of months to figure it all out. She can give you the time length. Don’t want to steal her thunder 😉

    • Thanks for having interest in my weight loss journey. From the time I rode the bike to now its been 4 years. I didn’t do it all right at the beginning, but through trial and error, I made it! I have been maintaining this weight for a while.

  10. Hi ladies, I just wanted to stop by and say how much I appreciate your refashion your life series. I have known what my purpose was for a long time (weight loss), but I found it hard to get the motivation to do anything because it looked so overwhelming! Today I got the kick start I needed, an elderly lady on the train offering me her seat on the train because she thought I was pregnant. I was with work mates and on a packed train. I couldn’t bear to correct her. I was so embarrassed. With the help of this series and heavenly gather I’m definitely going to make it to a healthier me.

    • HI Tash! AW 🙁 sometimes it takes a bike and a picture (like chalyces story) and sometimes our “kickstart” comes in a different way. Sounds like you have the desire and the kickstart. Just reach inside and don’t let yourself push the pause button 😉 Keep the PLAY button going! Something each day. Then it gets easier……then it’s routine. Then it’s not hard at all. That’s when you kick it up a notch 🙂 We are here to support you!!! Just wish you didn’t live all the way in Australia. THen maybe we’d come to a walk/run with you! HUGS!!!! Push play and don’t look back girl! you can do it!!!! Go for that AFTER picture!!!

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