Refashion your Life – week 5

We are so glad that weeks 3 and 4 have meant so much to many of you. And one request we got over and over was that YOU want to see a before picture of Chalyce (smile)…..We are working on that. If you are getting ready or anxious for us to put some focus on the OUTSIDE or physical appearance of refashioning ourselves, it’s coming! We will be looking at all different aspects too. 
If you’d like more info about Chalyce’s life coaching and/or fitness motivation please email. 
We’ve been focusing a lot on our inner selves and throwing a challenge your way each week and hopefully giving you lots to think about. Hopefully you’ve started to make some changes and shift the way you are thinking, reacting and living. BUT in all the hub bub of change and daily life, remember to ENJOY the journey…..Life really is beautiful! 

Thanks to all our viewers who sent us their photos and videos so we could put together this weeks episode. We received photos from people in the Utah, Kansas, Idaho, California, Washington, Oregon, Iowa,  Mexico, Costa Rica and Mississippi. THANK YOU!!!!
 Here’s some favorite quotes from this weeks video too: 


  1. Love this! Thanks for letting me contribute to that happy group of pictures!

  2. I WANT more info about Chalyce’s weight loss and life coaching skills. I couldn’t find an email so here is my email… thanks ladies you rock!

  3. Loved the video this week! Thank you for what you guys are doing, and sharing it with others. 🙂 Who is that song by and what is it called? LOVED it!

  4. Chalyce and Megan,
    We had a lot of fun looking at this week’s video. Isaac wanted to watch it over and over. He kept saying, “There’s Wyatt!” And Chalyce, I loved your family picture of you guys walking. Megan–you look so happy with all that paint on your face. It was great to see our family pic in the mix. 🙂
    I can’t get over how grown up Autumn and Bailey look. You guys are inspirational. I didn’t know so many people followed your blog. Wow!
    Thank you for sharing this video today. I have felt so sad this week. I had a dear friend pass away from cancer. I knew her all my life and she was a mother of 5, just like me. Life is beautiful and it is good. We need to remember how special it is. Thanks for reminding me of that amidst the sad moments.
    You guys are wonderful.

    • HI TAmi! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We felt like this weeks video was like a BIG hug going out to everyone! You are right – “life is beautiful and it is good”. thanks for stopping by and submitting your photo!

  5. Thanks so much for allowing our family to be a part of this video. What a treat to be able to join with your viewers in a celebration of the beauty of life!! Love it!!

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