Sweater Refashion - leg warmers - NO SEW

Here's a NO SEW refashion today with just 1 quick cut!!

Dig out an old sweater or pick up a fun "new to you" one with colors and patterns. This tutorial can be used to create leg warmers, boot warmers or boot socks! 
Here's a previous tutorial on done on the same project. 

I basically took a sweater and folded it on top of each other and lined up the sleeves then cut across the top of the sleeves. That's IT!!! 
To wear them I found that putting the sleeve end as the top works better - it gives is a tighter hold and then the rest can flare out towards your booth. Scrunch them, fold them - just have fun wearing them.

These are fun for all ages and add color and texture to your outfit!

I will be linking up and sharing here!

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  1. I love these! Especially with a fun sweater. My question is don't they fray on the cut end? did you do something to it to make it not fray?

    1. Mine didn't fray. I didn't use anything. but I also choose a sweater with sort of a "tight" weave. not a loose weave. I hope that helps!

  2. OMGoodness, so Adorably Cute and You!! :)

  3. I used to make my own leg warmers with knee socks for women. This is such a great idea! I think I'll try it the next time I'm in the mood for new leg warmers! =)