DIY Jewelry organizer – cork board makeover!

 I shared how I organize my jewelry yesterday…now here’s the tutorial to make your own board! It’s really easy, fast and inexpensive. 
I knew I wanted to utilize the empty space behind my bedroom door so I went on the hunt for a large cork board. I found one the perfect size at a second hand store for $8.00.
It was covered with a felt which I simply just ripped off.

I wanted to cover it with fabric. I chose a brown knit that I already had on hand. I like that the brown gave me a neutral background for my necklaces to hang against. That they my accessories were the “showpieces” and I could easily see them and they wouldn’t get lost in a patterned or colorful background. Plus the knit stretched and was easy to work with. I laid it out flat and placed my cork board in the middle. 
I pulled the knit over the frame and around the back. Knit doesn’t fray so I didn’t need to tuck the edges but I didn’t anyway for a more polish look. I tacked the edges in place with some thumbtacks.

I flipped it over and my board was complete! 

Then I hung it up behind my door with a few nails.

It went from this……….to THIS!!!

Once it was hung I simply used clear pushpins to hang my necklaces and bracelets. I can quickly switch up where something is hung too! 
So simple and easy and I CAN SEE what I have! If it’s all throw in a box or a drawer somewhere I don’t end of wearing all the pieces because I can’t see them. 
Here’s a round up other ideas I have posted before on how to organize your accessories!

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