Fun Friday – Babysitting SWAP idea

Today’s Fun Friday idea is less for the Family and more for the Mommy! 🙂 
I shared the “cool moms group idea” last week that stemmed from Tiffany’s awesome Summer schedule. She also started another great system in the neighborhood for babysitting that works wonders! 
One of the biggest things about swapping babysitting with friends is the exchange of time or the feeling of “owing” that friend back. Instead of that looming “IOU” out there Tiffany created a babysitting group.
Gather a group of women in the neighborhood that have kids of similar or babysitting age. The group doesn’t have to be large 4 or 5 moms will work great. You want to be able to reach out to more than just 1 or 2 moms when you need a sitter but not so large that you feel overwhelmed with requests. 
When you are added or invited to the group you get a page with 12 Time Coupons on it. 6 one hour coupons and 6 half hour coupons. You cut them apart and start using them! To use them just email the group of ladies the day, time and length you are needing a sitter. Then when you pick up your child you just “pay” the other mom with coupons. She adds to her TIME and amount of coupons she has. It’s a GREAT exchange. There is no “I owe you” and no guilty feelings of asking for a sitter again to soon. The women who can, respond and those that can’t will tell you. The coupons we use also say that kids in diapers are 1.5 coupons an hour (wink wink).

So make babysitting a fair exchange for everyone and set up a group in your neighborhood!

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