Mens shirt refashion for women & kids!

 Change a tee instead something other than ordinary! Great for you or for your kids. Get the look of menswear with all the comfort of a tee! Check out my Refashion It episode where I show you this project too.

tshirt (that fits you or the person you are making it for)
Mens button up dress shirt with collar and possibly pocket
scissors, straight pins, sewing machine
Lay your mens dress shirt flat and button it up if needed. Begin cutting at the bottom about 1 inch away from the buttons.

When you get near the collar continue cutting keeping that same 1″ distance all the way around the back of the collar and down the other side of the buttons on the front.

You will the be left with a piece that looks like this. (don’t toss the rest of the shirt yet. We may want to add a few extras to finish it off)
Lay your tshirt out flat and position your cut piece from the mens shirt on it. Place the button strip in the middle of the tee and begin to position the collar around the neckline.

Starting the middle back of the neckline pin the collar into place. Adjust, place and continue to pin the collar around the neckline of the tshirt. You will probably have to open the top 2 buttons.

Continue pinning down the front of the shirt. When you reach the bottom cut the excess off leaving yourself enough to tuck/fold onto the underside of the shirt.

Sew to attach the 2 pieces together. The cut edge will fray a bit when washed a worn. It’s part of the “look” of the refashioned top. If you want/like a cleaner look you can fold under the raw edge a bit as you are pinning it before you sew.
optional: once it’s all sewn together you may want to cut away the tshirt between the open buttons. It could create a different look. You decide! 🙂 

Adding a few extra touches? How about adding the pocket from the mens shirt to your tshirt! Cut the pocket off of the shirt or use your seam ripper to detach it. Place it on your tee and sew it into place

A little shoulder detail? Using any of the left shirt pieces cut 2 rectangles and place them on top of the shoulder area. Sew, cut away the excess and let the frayed edges frame out the shoulders.

Give it try! See me create a little boys version using the same step HERE.
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